Screen Visitors for COVID-19 Using Brivo Visitor Reporting

Keeping your employees safe is going to be a key priority as businesses get back to the office. Until a vaccine is widely available, social distancing, wearing masks, hand washing and frequent sanitizing are a few of the best options to keep your building and employees safe. 

But what about people who might visit your facility? How can you find out if anyone entering your facility for a face-to-face meeting at your office poses a potential health risk?

What if you could use your existing visitor management check-in process to screen individuals for potential exposure and grant or deny access based on a simple list of questions? Brivo Visitor Reporting is a new feature to help you set-up custom questions for visitors to check for potential exposure. 

As someone in charge of facility security, your top priority will be the health and safety of your employees and visitors in your building. This new enhanced feature in Brivo Visitor will allow you to create a customized questionnaire to assess the health of your visitors. 

How can technology help you screen individuals who visit your facility?

Brivo Visitor Reporting is a new feature of Brivo Visitor Management that allows you to configure your own interactive COVID-19 screening process. Through the visitor check-in process, you can now create a customized questionnaire regarding the health of your visitors which can help you determine if a visitor poses a potential health risk.

For instance, you can add several questions to the visitor check-in process when they sign in. You can ask if they have recently traveled overseas, if they have had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past two weeks, or been in contact with anyone who is COVID-19 positive during a period of time. This helps you to identify if they might pose a higher risk. 

If a visitor responds to a question that could expose your facility or employees to a risk for COVID-19 infection, it sends an alert to the host or hosts. They can then determine what protocols are in place to grant or deny access to the facility and take the best appropriate next steps to protect the office and your employees. 

Visitor reporting also allows you to generate reports showing how each visitor answered the screening questions you have put in place. It can also generate a report identifying users who occupied the same space and may have been in contact with an infected individual. 

Brivo Visitor Management custom questions can help you identify risk from potential visitors before they connect with your employees, keeping them safer.

Allowing visitors access to your facility is an important step to getting back to more normal business operations. Check out the video showcasing the Brivo Visitor Reporting feature. 

Help keep your facility and employees safe using technology and tools that are designed to help you win the battle against COVID-19.

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