Protect Students While They Learn, Live and Play

Create more effective security plans using cloud-based access control technology

Different Education Environments – Similar Needs

Early Childhood Education
Grant access to approved employees and parents and create a smooth school safety solution that gives parents peace of mind

K-12 / Primary School
Prevent unauthorized intruders, monitor access points for risks and initiate campus lockdowns during an emergency

Colleges & Universities
Promote campus safety from dorms to classrooms and everything in between

Peace of Mind for Parents & Faculty

The YMCA is a staple in downtown Plattsburgh. For nearly 100 years, it has provided a safe and supportive environment for families and children. When it came time to upgrade their access security systems, they chose Brivo to protect their people and spaces.


Brivo Solutions for Education

An integrated security plan starts with cloud-based access control so you can connect all the tools needed for a secure learning environment

unified security platform
Unified Security Platform
Cloud-based access control lets you monitor a single building, full campus or entire district through a single platform
integrated video
Integrated Video
Video surveillance acts as a proactive tool for deterrence and detection to mitigate risks before and as they occur
facility lockdown feature
Facility Lockdown
Be prepared for emergencies and lockdown facilities from any location with the push of a button
visitor tracking
Visitor Tracking
Campuses host parents, volunteers and guests – control access and track who is on site with Visitor Management
Cost-effective & Secure
Cloud and SaaS offer a lower predictable cost that fit school budgets and is cost-effective without large upfront expense
Health safety
Health-safety Tools
Implement COVID safety tools to help monitor healthy-safety across the school or campus environment

Make Schools Safer with Access Control

Millions of students pass through classrooms, campuses and libraries every day. Educators, administrators and security professionals must first and foremost protect the lives of students, faculty and staff while they learn.

Explore the Full Suite of Brivo Access Control Products for your Educational Institution


Create a Safer, More Efficient Security Program for your School with Integrations for Security, Identity, and More

education integrations

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