Deliver security and convenience to improve property management, increase revenue and create a seamless guest experience

Manage hundreds of
properties from one cloud-based dashboard

Save time and money
with our vacation rental
home automation platform

Increase revenue
and create a better experience
for your guests

Brivo Vacation Rental

As the global leader in cloud-based physical security and smart home automation, Brivo increases your efficiency while creating a better and safe rental experience

Manage hundreds of properties from one cloud-based dashboard

Save time and money with our vacation rental home automation platform

Increase revenue for owners and create a better experience for your guests

Home Automation Platform

Manage all properties from one dashboard with status views that allow you to filter, sort and drill down to a specific unit. View daily access log reports, track staff entry/exit on properties, and control doors, thermostats and sensors across properties for easier and smarter property management.

Keyless Entry
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Keyless Entry

Eliminate the hassle of traditional keys with keyless access control

Keys are becoming outdated and have always been costly. Automatically generate a unique passcode for each guest and send via text or email when the property is ready. We also offer a Bluetooth-enabled system using the guest’s phone as the key.


  • Eliminate rekeying costs from guests losing or forgetting to return physical keys
  • Increase guest satisfaction with easy check-in/check-out
  • Improve security by locking and monitoring vacant properties

The hassle and cost of key pick-up/drop-off, lost keys and rekeying is eliminated with Brivo Vacation Rental.


Manage energy costs and eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling in vacant properties

Wasted energy and high utility bills are costly and energy management is critical to the bottom line of any vacation rental property. Smart thermostats let you control temperature remotely or easily shut these off from anywhere.


  • Save money by not wasting energy and money heating or cooling a vacant property
  • Improve management efficiency by remotely adjusting temperatures
  • Scalable energy solution lets you operate lighting and climate for dozens or hundreds of properties

With Brivo Vacation Rental, energy consumption is reduced and wasted power and high utility bills are eliminated.


Detect water or freeze issues right away and save thousands of dollars and many headaches

Property damage is the most expensive repair. Prevent risk with water sensors strategically placed near hot water heaters or appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher that send an alert if water is detected. Use freeze sensors to receive an alert if the temperature drops too low.


  • Know if there’s trouble immediately with notifications via text message and email when freeze and flood conditions exist
  • Drastically reduce the response time and minimize property damage
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your properties are being monitored 24/7

Brivo Vacation Rental gives you an early warning and the much-needed time to prevent damage completely.

Garage Door Control

Remove the hassle and expensive to replace garage door openers.

Garage access is a big benefit for guests to get started on their vacation plans. Guests want the convenience of pulling into the garage without having to punch in a manual code. Simply send a text message to open and close the garage door.


  • Increase guest satisfaction rates by giving them an easy solution to open the garage door
  • Reduce costs and hassle from lost garage door openers
  • Increase security and staff efficiency by controlling garage doors remotely by phone or computer – no one has to go to the property to visibly check the garage door

Brivo Vacation Rental turns the guest’s phone into the opener and allows you to control garage doors remotely.

Learning and adding the system is easy – Brivo offers professional and do-it-yourself installation kits to quickly get up and running  while meeting your schedule and budget.

All the Security and Home Automation Features you Need in One Platform

Brivo Vacation Rental Means

Property Manager
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Home Owner
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The Guest
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Expand management opportunities, make your job easier, keep homeowners happy and improve guest experiences.

Increase revenue and bookings by spending more time managing your clients and controlling all properties remotely from one central dashboard

Enhance guest experience and improve reviews with the smart home features guests have come to expert

Improve home security with more security features and a complete monitoring platform

Reduce operating expenses and energy costs with smart thermostats and monitoring sensors

Brivo Vacation Rental enables property managers to control locks, garage doors, thermostats and monitoring sensors from any computer or smartphone. 

This 24/7 access control and visibility helps free up time to do important things like marketing and bringing in new properties and clients. 

Implement modern amenities and technology to better manage your investment when you are not around.

Increase property value with keyless locks, security features and monitoring devices

Improve occupancy rates with faster check-ins and features that attract higher paying guests who leave happy and are more likely to provide favorable reviews

Achieve peace of mind that the right monitoring is in place to lower energy expenses and prevent costly damagesAutomating your vacation rentals creates a hotel-like experience with easier turnover for each rental period. 

Smart home control can improve gas efficiency by up to 38% and electricity by up to 11%. Brivo Vacation Rental helps you deliver a superior experience for guests and lower costs and expenses.

Appeal to more guests with a home that balances security and convenience to deliver an optimal experience.

Eliminate the hassles of lost keys or garage door remotes

Make it easy for the guest to enter the home during their stay

Stay competitive with amenities your guests have come to expect

Increase convenience by communicating via text or email that the home is ready for their stay

Creating a seamless experience leads to higher guest satisfaction, better online reviews and increased social media engagement.

Smart Home Devices

Learn more about the smart home devices and brands we support and contact us for pricing to meet your budget.

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