Keep essential workers and facilities safe with enhanced physical security

Security Across the Health & Wellness Ecosystems

Complex facilities need multiple access control capabilities to secure sensitive areas and protect patients, visitors and staff

Medical Offices
All types of medical offices need cost-effective access control solutions that protect data, employees and patients

Managed Care
Facilities entrusted with elder care must provide a safe and healthy environment for residents to thrive

Medical Dispensaries
Meet compliance regulations and prevent theft, vandalism and unauthorized access

Gyms & Wellness Centers
Give members an easy, hassle-free experience with 24/7 smartphone access

Brivo Helps Medical Center Track Access

“We needed to know who fobbed in and out of a door. If something was tampered with or taken, we wanted to be able to investigate.”

Dr. Luke Boudreau | Director of Operations

Chancellor Way

Brivo Solutions for Healthcare & Wellness

Sensitive patient data, expensive medical equipment, prescription drug regulations, privacy and employee safety all necessitate robust access control throughout the healthcare industry

contactless access
Contactless Access
Switch from old fobs and keys to frictionless mobile door entry solutions
Prevent Unauthorized Access
Prevent Unauthorized Access
Track trends and detect anomalous behaviors
Stay Compliant
Stay Compliant
Protect sensitive areas and patient data while creating an audit trail
Boost Visibility
Boost Visibility
Get a single view of access events from a browser or mobile app

Track Member Access
Ensure active, legitimate members have convenient access to facilities

Reinforce Cybersecurity
Reinforce Cybersecurity
Hardened cyber secure access control connects to your identity management

COVID’s Lasting Impact

Mobile access, visitor screenings and tighter restrictions on access are a lasting reality across the healthcare landscape

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Create a Safer, More Efficient Security Program for your Healthcare Facility with Integrations for Security, Identity and More

healthcare integrations

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