Brivo Smart Readers

Variety and elegance to fit any building, space and door with performance and simplicity

Control with Sleek, Modern Style

Each time you unlock at a door with your physical credential or smartphone, you’re using a reader to signal the controller to open the door

Smart Readers

Brivo readers are designed to work effortlessly with the Brivo Access platform – upgrade to Brivo Smart Readers for the latest, most secure controller interface like OSDP

Multiple Entry Choices

Brivo Readers come in a variety of options to fit your system setup, building aesthetics and access control requirements

Smart Reader 1
Smart Reader 2
Smart Reader 3

Keep Users Moving with Brivo Smart Readers

Open doors with Bluetooth-enabled readers

Connect control panels, readers, and access credentials with Brivo Access

Improve security with encrypted smart cards that offer protection against counterfeiting

Explore More of the Brivo Access Control Product Suite

Control Panel

Mobile Management

Video Surveillance


Visitor Management

Brivo’s open API platform expands your security software and hardware options

How to Buy

Talk with Brivo about your project
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