Reduce Threats & Theft With Integrated Access Control

Secure manufacturing and distribution facilities means safer environments and reduced operational risk

Protecting More Than Just People and Property

Physical Security also Protects Proprietary Information, Financial Records, Trade Secrets and More

Keep your plant running smoothly and ensure the right people are in the right places at all times. Access control and video surveillance encourage efficient and safe operations.

Warehousing & Distribution
Customers put their trust in warehousing facilities to protect their goods while in transit. Verify only authorized personnel are permitted to protect IP and prevent theft.

Inventory Theft Prevention Saves Tire Distributor Millions

“If you can control access to the building, you can manage it. If you can manage it centrally, you have more control, and that was the point of the cloud-based system. I have control, visibility and a log to do event reporting.”

David | Security Manager | Tire Distributor


Brivo Solutions for Manufacturing & Distribution

Cloud-based access control lets you monitor your factory, warehouse and other facilities all in one solution whether on site or operating remotely

protect people
Protect People & Property
Emergency lockdown at the click of a button in case of a security incident

off site
Keep Unauthorized
Individuals Offsite
Prevent trespassing and ensure inventory, trade secrets, recipes and intellectual property are safe

protect against theft
Protect Against Theft
Protect property and confirm only approved employees can access inventory

optimize video
Optimize Video
CCTV acts as deterrent and reduces risk when connected to access events

Support Health-safety
Implement COVID safety tools across factory floors, warehouses and distribution centers

open platform
Open API Platform
Flexibly to connect to existing technology with open API

Security is a Key Ingredient in the Efficiency and Productivity of your Plant

“The U.S. may need another 1 billion square feet of warehouse space in order to satisfy the demand of the pending ecommerce boom due to COVID.”


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Comprehensive Integrations to Reduce Operational Risk and Improve Efficiency

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