Video Devices


Brivo Access Cam and video devices provide the visibility you need to secure your facility

The Eyes & Ears Protecting your Property

Brivo delivers camera-to-cloud recording for real-time views of your facility. Configurable options let you choose the standards you need now and adjust over time.

Eagle Eye Networks Cameras

Brivo partners with Eagle Eye Networks for additional camera hardware options compatible with Brivo Access

Brivo Access Cam Puts Access Into Focus

Camera devices and video services automatically linked to access events

Promote a safe environment for your occupants while reducing the need for visible security personnel

Observe entry doors for tailgating activity and see who’s inside your building at all times

Access remote cameras and video footage with Brivo Access

Share videos with law enforcement quickly during event investigations

Reduce criminal activity when you install state-of-the-art video devices

For Business and Enterprise, Brivo has a Video Surveillance Solution for You

Get high quality HD video and storage without the cost and hassle of on-prem systems

Enjoy cloud options for safety, convenience and cost-efficient video storage

Choose cyber-secure cloud retention from 7 days to 2 years

Select from 480p, 720p, or 1080p video resolution based on storage size options

Install modern camera hardware to meet your property requirements both indoors and out

Build a visual record of who enters the building

Save time and effort with automatic face detection in Brivo Snapshot

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Video Surveillance


Visitor Management

Brivo’s open API platform expands security software and hardware options for you

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