Control panels are the hub of your building’s security system

Connect with Brivo Panels

Brivo control panels are the brains behind your Brivo Access solution. Control panels allow your locks, readers, and sensors to communicate with each other.

Control Panels

With Brivo control panels, you can accept multiple credential types including mobile, encrypted smart cards, FOBs, PINs and proximity cards.

Brivo Gateway for Multifamily Smart Apartments

Control smart devices such as locks, light switches thermostats, and sensors
Install with a configuration app to activate and pair with each smart device
Automate updates via the Brivo Smart Home cloud platform

Select the Control Panel That’s Right For You

Brivo Works with Authentic Mercury Open Architecture

The Brivo Mercury control panels provides an open architecture solution that operates on the Brivo Access unified security platform

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Access Control

Mobile Management

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Visitor Management

Brivo’s open API platform expands your security software and hardware options

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