Create a custom access solution or white label app for your organization with the Brivo API

Brivo Open API Platform

Expand physical security benefits with integrations that help you achieve better security with less work, optimize mobile convenience, deliver better visitor experiences and create an ecosystem of building automation solutions.

Build the custom solution for your property needs

Choose from a variety of apps for the office, multifamily or vacation rental solutions

Connect right out of the box with minimal setup required

Integrate easily with peripheral hardware, including other legacy access control systems

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Developers and technology partners can extend their reach into vertical solutions and reap the benefits of a unified enterprise solution. Adding physical security benefits into solutions enables tenant engagement and visitor services to connect to the real world.

Expand Possibilities with Physical Security Integrated with HR, Alarm and Video Surveillance

“I love the ease of operation, the setup is nice, and there’s a lot of integration possibilities which provides a really flexible platform.”

David | Security Manager | Tire Distributor

Brivo Integrations

  • Video
  • Elevator Control
  • Biometrics
  • Identity Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Intercom Access
  • Multifamily
  • Co-working
  • HR Management
  • Health & Wellness
Add, modify or deactivate Brivo users directly in your preferred identity management solution so the right people always have the correct access to your facility.

Add biometrics to your access control system to verify the identity of people accessing your most secure areas.
Grant automated access from your preferred visitor management system and keep track of all visitors at all times.
Perform key access and visitor management functions and take advantage of emergency mustering functionality.
Configure your intercom device with Brivo to set up automatic downloads so your tenant directory is always up to date.
Offer complete resident access from the lobby to common area to apartment, provide solutions for visitors and deliveries and integrate building automation functions.

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Improve customer experience by providing seamless booking of temporary space with access powered by Brivo.

Manage member permissions and credentials in your preferred gym management solution with access powered by Brivo. 
Control your elevator access points with destination dispatch functionality.
Remotely view live and recorded video from multiple facilities/locations through a single browser interface to keep your businesses secure.

Manage every employee system including payroll, benefits, computers and apps in one platform.

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Integrations are the key to creating exceptional solutions for tenants and residents

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