Combine access control and remote video surveillance for ultimate facility control

Without Cameras, You’ve Lost Visibility on Security

Your access control security solution isn’t complete without video surveillance

Automatically link video clips to access control events

Play recorded video or view live streams

Store video safely in the cloud to prevent loss

View video feeds from any site, space or location at any time you wish

Retain videos from 7 days to 2 years depending on your retention policies

Integrated Access Control and Video Platform

Brivo unifies your security experience across access control and remote video surveillance so you can view your facilities from anywhere

DocuSign Takes Access and Video Integration Global

“With Brivo, we monitored a suspicious individual in the lobby and viewed another in the act of theft.”

Chad Bosques | Director of Global Physical Safety and Security Operations | DocuSign

Cameras Give you Eyes on Site

Brivo integrated video surveillance is perfect if you need reliable off-site video storage

Prevent shrink and theft with integrated video and access control

Save time on event investigations with Brivo Snapshot and intelligent face detection

Ensure video footage is cyber secure with encryption, protected storage, controlled access entitlements

Enjoy the benefits of HD cameras and cloud storage without the cost and maintenance of local recording equipment

Choose wired and wireless camera options that are best for each scenario

Brivo Integrates with Eagle Eye Networks


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