Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Combine cloud-based access control and remote video surveillance for the ultimate facility control. Get real-time views of your facility that are securely stored in the cloud and available through remote access

Combine Cloud-based access control and remote video surveillance
for the ultimate facility control.

Get real-time views of your facility securely stored in the cloud and available through remote access.





Reception Areas

Reception Areas





Loading Docks

Loading Docks

Without Cameras, You’ve Lost Visibility On Security

Your access control security solution isn’t complete without video surveillance

Automatically link video clips to access control events

Play recorded video or view live streams

Store video safely in the cloud to prevent loss

View video feeds from any site, space or location at any time you wish

Retain videos from 7 days to 2 years depending on your retention policies

Tailgating integration

Eliminate Risks with Brivo and Camio Integration for Tailgating

The average employee holding the door open for someone is viewed as polite but can pose significant security risks for organizations. Tailgating is a complex challenge to solve. Brivo integrates with Camio to provide real-time video search by automatically detecting tailgating incidents and flagging them for security leaders.

Integrated Access Control and Video Platform

Easily connect the dots by integrating your access control system with video surveillance
cameras. Brivo unifies your security experience across both so you can view your facilities from anywhere. Allowing you to better protect your employees, customers, and visitors.

Brivo Mobile and Video

See how Hexta connects logistics with cloud access control

“Brivo provides one platform, one integrated multi-site solution that is cost-effective with pay-as-you-go plans. There are no on-premise computers required, and it’s easy to install and operate remotely. We know Brivo is cyber secure..”

Walter Van Gent |Security Consultant at Hexta


Brivo Snapshot – The Fastest AI Technology to Confirm Someone Entering Your Facility

Brivo Snapshot uses machine learning to detect the presence of people by finding the video frame with the highest facial detection. It then extracts and presents this single image along with the underlying video clip. Brivo Snapshot detects the presence of a mask as organizations consider employee health-safety as they return to the office.

Brivo Snapshot

Security Cameras Give you Eyes Onsite

Brivo integrated video surveillance solution is perfect if you need reliable cybersecure off-site video cloud storage and multiple camera options to meet your property and compliance requirements

Prevent shrink and theft with integrated video and access control

Save time on event investigations with Brivo Snapshot and intelligent face detection

Ensure video footage is cyber secure with encryption, protected storage, controlled access entitlements

Enjoy the benefits of HD cameras and cloud storage without the cost and maintenance of local recording equipment

Choose wired and wireless camera options that are best for each scenario

Video Surveillance Makes Sense in All Environments

health and safety

Health & Safety

Employers can verify access holders are in compliance with COVID safety requirements, such as properly wearing a mask

office buildings

Office Buildings

Reception can verify that someone isn’t using a stolen access credential or tailgating behind an authorized user



A combined solution makes sure that workers are wearing appropriate safety gear and are protected

high security sites

High-Security Sites

Video can be used as a second verification level of access control, such as facial detection and confirmation

Brivo Integrates with Eagle Eye Networks


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