Cloud-based access control allows you to collect data to better understand the built world

Unlock a More Agile, Adaptable and Secure Space

Access control data is the key to unlock your space. Agile and adaptable spaces where we live and work are gaining momentum. Healthier buildings that support sustainability are the future.

Access Control at Work
Brivo Access is the foundation to begin your data journey to understand tenant access needs

Access Control at Home
Brivo Smart Apartment supports the lifestyle and desired living environment for your residents

Bring Data to Life
Brivo Access revolutionizes how data is used – simple dashboards take the complexity out understanding data and put you in control

Data Subscriptions
Brivo transacts over 2.5 billion access events per year – our data subscriptions provide insights into access across the built world

Access control data can provide insight into the changing landscape

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Bloomberg uses Brivo Data to explore Wall Street activity

Proptech Success Starts with Access Control

In Proptech, data is no longer a luxury but a necessity – understanding your building tenants and systems gives you power to increase profitability and sustainability

Security & Access Control
The foundation of your Proptech strategy is security – knowing who is onsite and detecting threats at all time
Data Insight & Analytics
Actionable data means combining all aspects of your building into a single view to correlate insights across systems and better understand what’s going on
Integration to the Ecosystem
Combine all your data together to get a deeper understanding of what is happening onsite and help you predict future needs

Brivo Data-as-a-Service

Brivo anonymized data tracks different actions and events at the access points of physical space. It includes events like a forced door, door ajar, motion events and lock tampering.

This gives you a digital audit of all entry activities so you can monitor and adjust. Here are the different types of tracked activities:

All Activities
All Activities
Tracks the number of times any access control event occurs. It can show multiple times a door is opened in a day at a particular location.

unique activity
Unique Activity
Tracks unique credentials used per time period to show the number of people accessing a location in a day
motion events
Motion Events
tracks motion events from camera data as additional data point included in Brivo data.

Seeing is Believing

To learn more, explore our news page for examples of how Brivo data has been used or go to our Mapping COVID page.

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