Workplace safety is crucial. When security isn’t always present, the hybrid work model presents challenges for companies and property managers. Remote management with access control protects people and property.

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Our latest trends report shows that many employees are still balancing where they work but the trend is that flexibility will continue to be the norm.

Workplace Occupancy and Building Data

The new must-have for any employer and building operator is the ability to track what’s happening in the physical space. As identity and access management begins to include physical access, security is now the need to have a solution for all places of work.

Workplace Occupancy and Building Data

Workplace Security Tools and Solutions for your Hybrid Work Environment

Brivo has all the tools you need to manage a hybrid work environment and can provide you with the best security insights for your organization

Occupancy Tracking
Know how many people are on site to manage limits and regulations

Trend Analysis & Data Explorer
Better understand and manage smart space data

Mobile Credentials
Remotely issue or deactivate credentials and keys and fobs

Visitor Management
Before granting access, screen the health of each and every guest for signs of COVID

Video Surveillance
Connected to access events for improved asset management via remote access

Identity & Access Management
Integrate Okta, GSuite or Azure & connect digital and physical identities

Technology is Key to Keeping Employees Safe at Work

Brivo technology not only can help protect the health and safety of your employees, customers, students and residents but provide life-saving tools in the event of emergencies

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