Unlock new possibilities for occupants, residents and facility managers

Designed for a Mobile-First Experience

Open Doors Across Locations With Just Your Smartphone
The Brivo mobile app provides tenants, employees, residents and guests with an easy way to unlock any kind of connected door

Property managers can use Brivo mobile access control management to grant necessary access and control the property from anywhere

Brivo Mobile Apps for Users and Administrators on iOS and Android devices

Brivo Mobile Pass

Employees and residents can use their smartphone as a key to open doors without friction

Leave your phone in your pocket with convenient Fluid Access

Manage one credential for access to multiple facilities and building amenities

Avoid germs with touchless access or use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation

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Brivo Smart Home

Give residents a single app to access the entire building (from the garage to game room) and manage their smart apartment amenities

Access all parts of the building from common areas to individual units

Set scenes and manage apartment comfort settings from lights to temperature

Grant guests access to the building through a click of a button

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Brivo Installer

Simplify the Smart Apartment Installation process with an easy-to-use installer app to connect and configure IoT devices, gateways and locks.

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Brivo Onair Management (BOMA)

Maintain control from anywhere on your smart device

Control access remotely

Assign and revoke credentials and send directly to users’ smartphones

View access events as well as live video feeds or watch recorded video anywhere

Lock and unlock any door or arm or disarm any alarm panel in an emergency, initiate facility lockdown on all doors at once

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Smart Apartments, Keyless Entry and Building Access Management in the Palm of Your Hands

Utilize device biometrics like fingerprint and facial recognition to add additional security, and use Siri shortcuts when you need a hands-free option

Experience smart buildings like they were intended, through a simple mobile interface

Increase property value and occupant satisfaction with modern, mobile and Fluid Access

Manage your facility from the beach, the couch or anywhere in between through the mobile application

Real-time Access When the Doctor Needs It

“Last night, I got a call that a doctor wasn’t able to get into the facility. All I had to do is grab my phone and open the door for him. Plus, I changed his access rights so he can get into his office permanently.”

Dr. Luke Boudreau | Director of Operations | Chancellors Way Medical Arts Center

Less Touch, More Convenience with Mobile Access

Mobile facilitates a smarter, safer, more hygienic return to the office with touchless access

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Brivo’s Open API Platform Expands Security Software and Hardware Options for you

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