Organizations everywhere that have been operating remotely for the past year are now beginning to plan their return for their employees.

Brivo Facility Safety Features enable you to protect the health and safety of your employees, customers, students and residents as they re-enter the facility.

NEW! Occupancy Tracking

Know how many people are inside your facility to manage occupancy limits and regulations

Contact Reporting

User Contact Reporting

Generate targeted reports listing specific user access events and potential contacts

Mobile Self-Screening

Use Brivo Mobile Pass to identify users with COVID symptoms before they enter your site

Personnel Control

Personnel Control

Suspend user access automatically until they go through a screening checkpoint

Brivo Visitor Reporting

Brivo Visitor Reporting

Screen all visitors for COVID symptoms and notify hosts when their visitors may pose a risk

Brivo Data in Action

Brivo tracked COVID-19 impacted workplace attendance trends as a leading indicator in economic output. This same data will reflect a new normal when people return to work.

Brivo offers a full portfolio of access control and physical security solutions for your business. These are additions to your security system that can help keep your people, property and reputation safe.

Use Brivo Mobile Pass to Open Doors with Your Phone

Reduce the spread of germs and the hassle of lost or forgotten access cards by assigning mobile credentials. You can also require fingerprint and facial recognition already built into smartphones for areas that require added security.

Improve Visitor Management with Brivo Visitor

Create a welcoming and secure first impression. Automate the sign-in experience, allow visitors to accept or deny your company policies, ask custom questions to screen for potential health risks and print visitor badges.


Link Visitor Entry and Access Control with Our 2N IP Verso Integration

Automatically add, delete or modify 2N intercom user directory listings from Brivo Access so your tenant directory is always up to date. You can also enable tenants and attendants to securely grant access to visitors via their phone.

Get Better Visibility with Brivo Access Cam

You can’t always be on-site, but you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere with Brivo Access Cam. Easily link important access control events with recorded video and remotely check a live video feed to better protect your facilities.

Deploy Access Control to More Locations with Brivo Cellular Network Module

Brivo Cellular Network Module is ideal for supporting locations and entryways where cellular connectivity is required. It can be used for primary control panel communications or as a backup for local Internet connections.

Achieve Better Security with Less Work with Brivo Identity Connector

Add, modify or deactivate Brivo Access users in Okta, Azure Active Directory or G Suite so the right people always have the correct access to your facilities. Brivo becomes a seamless part of your identity management network to keep your facility secure.

Security That’s Affordable for Everyone

The price of a cloud-based physical security platform is not out of reach. Brivo offers a low upfront investment with a monthly subscription option to remove the barrier of initial costs related to hardware, labor and installation.