Identify Exposure to a COVID-positive Individual with Brivo Contact Reporting

While many companies race to create a contact tracing app to help track the spread of COVID, it may seem far-fetched to let technology assist in a labor intensive activity, let alone one of such a sensitive topic. 

Formal contact tracing as defined by the CDC, is a specific practice and methodology with guidelines and procedures provided by various experts. The CDC provides training and tools to formally conduct contact tracing efforts and should be followed at all times to get the best results.

According to an article in ProPublica, “contact tracing is a public health strategy that has been used successfully to combat infectious disease outbreaks across the globe since the 1930s.” It has helped track syphilis in the United States and Ebola in West Africa. It remains to be seen if some of the new apps that are popping up for contact tracing will be able to deliver on the guidelines. Many are plagued with accuracy and privacy issues

However, there are less formal ways to use the data from your existing cloud-based access control system to help identify individuals who may have come in contact with an infected individual. This data can quickly provide a report to help identify possible exposure for those who have been in your facility.

Can technology help identify individuals who may have been exposed in your facility?

Brivo Contact Reporting is a new functionality of Brivo Onair that can generate a report identifying users who occupied the same space and may have been in contact with an infected individual. 

For instance, if an employee comes to the office and later finds out they are positive for the virus, you can filter the access data in your cloud-based security platform to narrow down those exposed. You can pull a report that shows results based on site and date range of when the infected individual entered your property. You can then see who else was in the building at the same time to let them know they may have been exposed, giving them the opportunity to get tested.


Brivo Contact Reporting can help you identify people in your facility who may have been exposed to a contagious individual.

While this does not replace official contact tracing as described by the CDC, it can help you identify exposed individuals more quickly, enabling them to take the right precautions and allowing you to inform others to minimize potential spread. Check out the video showcasing the Brivo Contact Reporting feature and see how it works.

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