Mobile Self-Screening: A Critical Tool For a More Hygienic Building

Depending on where you live, businesses are beginning to slowly open back up. However, these phased openings come with new standards to adhere to, new concerns to address, and new priorities when it comes to the safety and health of the people in your building. The good news is that new technology is already emerging to help you keep your facilities as contactless, safe and hygienic as possible. 

There are a few practices that we know help lessen the spread of the virus. Until a vaccine is available, social distancing, required or encouraged mask wearing, thorough hand washing, and the frequent sanitizing of common surfaces are a few of the ways buildings can make sure they are reaching the hygiene standards necessary to reduce exposure. 

Can technology help keep your people healthy and to limit unnecessary exposure?

Traditional mobile access will help create more hygienic buildings. When people can tap their smartphone to unlock doors that reduce touches to common surfaces, a small win in the fight against the spread of the pandemic.

A new feature in Brivo Mobile Pass helps you ensure that the people in your building aren’t sick.

Use Brivo Mobile Pass to identify users with COVID symptoms before they enter your facility. Administrators now have the ability to enable self screening for their users by account or by specific sites. 

When a credentialed user approaches your door and opens their Brivo app for the first time each day, they will be prompted to answer one health-related facility safety question. Users will only be able to unlock a door after completing the questionnaire and indicating that they meet health and safety guidelines.


As someone in charge of facility security, your top priority will be the health and safety of your employees  and visitors in your building. We have also introduced enhanced features in Brivo Visitor which allow you to create a customized questionnaire regarding the health of your visitors. 

Use every tool at your disposal to keep your building safe and hygienic. Check out the video showcasing the Brivo Mobile Self-Assessment feature. Brivo will continue to add new features to our solution to make your job easier and to help you keep your people safe.  

Find out about other Facilities Safety Features offered by Brivo including visitor reporting, personnel control, and user contact reporting. Or schedule a demo today.