Security Professionals Reveal Their Top Technology Stack Needs (Part 4)

As 2019 comes to a close, the opportunity for security innovation in 2020 is at the forefront of our minds. In this four-part blog series, we have discussed the main goals for improvement that security professionals shared with us throughout the year. These initiatives are:

  1. Integrate more physical security functions
  2. Improve user experience with mobile convenience
  3. Reduce risk with enhanced lockdown controls
  4. Improve property management security  

In this final blog of the series, we will discuss the need to solve challenges for providing physical security in a multi-family building. One of the particular challenges we heard is the disconnect between physical security access control and typical visitor entry systems. Multi-family buildings have many guests coming through every day so we need to provide access to visitors, improve tenant directory accuracy and have the ability to review the reporting to check on visitor access as needed. 

So, how can you differentiate your properties with amenities that provide the visitor convenience tenants want while improving overall security? 

We link visitor entry and access control.

Brivo has an integration with the 2N IP Verso Intercom which provides the missing link between building visitor entry systems and a physical security platform. Here is how we help you improve the visitor experience through safe and efficient entry:

1. Use One Interface To Manage Tenant Directories

One of the biggest challenges property managers face is managing access control and tenant directories in different platforms. As new tenants are added to the system, others need to be removed. Sometimes these updates are not consistent between the two systems. This leaves the door open for potential security breaches. 

Brivo’s integration with 2N means you can automatically add, delete or modify 2N intercom user directory listings from Brivo Onair. Tenant records are created in Brivo Onair and added to the desired designated intercom group. Updates are then sent to the 2N directory at specified intervals so your tenant directory is always up to date.

2. Grant Access To Visitors From Your Phone

Many property attendants and tenants alike wish there was a better way to grant visitor access for multi-family buildings. Now, with Brivo and 2N, there is a convenient and safe way to open doors for visitors with your smartphone.

The simple process to grant visitor access goes like this:

  • The visitor selects a tenant/ attendant to call from the 2N touchscreen display
  • The tenant speaks to the visitor and unlocks the door by entering a four-digit dial code on their smartphone
  • The Brivo Onair system determines if that unlock request is valid (accounting for any day/time restrictions that might be set) and unlocks the door
  • All actions are logged in Brivo Onair so you can review event history at any time

Now your property staff has more time to focus on other needs, and you created a competitive advantage for your building versus the competition.

3. Increase Efficiency And Improve Tenant Experiences

Our platform integration creates efficiencies for running your property while elevating the tenant experience so you are more likely to rent new spaces and keep tenants for longer periods of time. Instead of expecting an attendant to be at the reception desk at all times to buzz in visitors, the experience is now mobile. And, you are empowering your tenants to securely open doors for their expected visitors with the ease of their phones.

By seamlessly configuring the 2N IP Verso device from Brivo Onair and setting-up automatic downloads, you can rest assured that your tenant directory is acting as a source of protection rather than an inaccurate list of risk.

Learn more about our integration with 2N

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