Security Professionals Reveal Their Top Technology Stack Needs (Part 3)

Security is a big word encompassing many things, yet, when we get back to its simplest of meanings, freedom from danger, fear or anxiety, then our physical security goals are clear. 

Keeping our buildings and people safe are of the utmost importance. If an emergency situation happens, the ability to quickly respond and simply deliver better security by locking down the building and preparing for first responders is paramount.

In this third blog of our technology innovation series, we want to discuss the next major need identified by the market this year, reducing risk with enhanced lockdown controls.

So, how does a physical security provider like Brivo further improve your building protection?

We make every second count.

Here is how our enhanced lockdown features, in our security platform, can increase safety:

1. Quick Options To Initiate Lockdown

No one can predict how their mind will react in an emergency situation, so you need options to initiate the lockdown that can save lives. Having the option to use the Brivo Onair interface on your laptop, an app on your phone, or a hardwired button in your building means you have three simple ways to start lockdown. The safety feature you need is accessible wherever you are. Once you initiate lockdown, your doors will immediately lock and system administrators will be notified that enhanced protection is enabled. 

2. Control Access For First Responders

Your goal in these moments is to prevent dangerous access, while allowing for the support you need from first responders. When lockdown is active, unlock schedules are shut down and access permissions are taken away unless they are part of an excluded group like police and emergency services. 

3. Disable Once You Have The All Clear

To prevent any confusion or security risks, only a master or senior administrator can login to Brivo Onair and clear lockdown once it is safe to do so. This restores normal access control functions and permissions set for your building.

We recognize the importance of providing the best lockdown features to our customers. It is part of our responsibility to you. Therefore, no additional or special Brivo hardware, subscriptions or costs are required to keep your building safe. As long as you are using our latest generation access control panels, you can immediately implement the enhanced lockdown features. We are here to make sure you feel safe by knowing that if an emergency arises, you have added protection in place.

Learn more about enhanced lockdown.

What’s Next

Part of keeping your building secure is better managing who can grant visitor access and how they grant it. Is your tenant directory always up to date? Can your property attendants and tenants/residents securely grant access to visitors from their phone? Stay tuned to read about it in our next blog. 

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