Security Professionals Reveal Their Top Technology Stack Needs (Part 1)

The dominant topic of recent conversation is security innovation. The emphasis on physical security technology begs the question: How can physical security technology improve? Moreover, how can organizations better control their own security outcomes and improve user experience with new technology?

In this blog series, we outline the top four goals for security innovation that professionals have shared with us throughout the year. These goals include:

  1. Integrate more physical security functions like visitor management
  2. Improve user experience with mobile convenience
  3. Reduce risk with enhanced lockdown controls
  4. Improve property management security

Let’s kick things off by discussing the first innovation area of integrating more physical security technology.

Many physical security products in the market don’t integrate well. Organizations then struggle to manage disparate software solutions, minimize security blind spots and find a way to simplify a manageable technology stack without jeopardizing security and user safety and convenience.

Brivo is committed to solving these challenges by seamlessly integrating access control with security tools like alarms, identity management solutions and video. Additionally, we recently enhanced our security ecosystem with an integrated visitor solution called Brivo Visitor. We view this as an opportunity to elevate overall security.

You’ve told us visitor management is important in your security portfolio. Every time a visitor enters your building, you are making a first impression, while at the same time, managing the responsibility of protecting your employees/tenants or common credentialed users. So, how can we welcome visitors without compromising building security?

We actually improve the visitor experience through better security.

Brivo has built new platform capabilities with our Brivo Visitor solution that seamlessly combines access control and visitor registration. Here is how we offer a more innovative way to own your visitor experience:

1. Visitor Convenience Meets Better Security

Your sign-in experience should be fast and easy but also meet security protocols. Visitors can directly interact with your check-in kiosk by entering their name, taking a picture for their temporary badge and selecting their host from your employee/tenant list. This makes check-in easy and convenient for them while the access control automations run in the background.

Brivo Visitor is part of your overall Brivo platform so it retrieves the host name and email address and sends a prompt notification to that host when a visitor arrives. This minimizes wait times and improves your visitor’s experience. You also benefit from having a record with the visitor’s image and the ability to generate detailed access reports.

If you have an unmanned lobby or your receptionist is away from his/her desk, your visitor is still checking in and participating in the screening process. You no longer have to choose between meeting visitor expectations and meeting physical security expectations.

2. Easy For You To Set Up And Start Using

Managing visitors has traditionally been handled through paper logs or guest sign-in books. Brivo Visitor allows you to go paperless, improve privacy and become more efficient. And, all of this is made possible with a quick and easy setup.

Using an iPad running iOS 12.0 or later, you can download Brivo Visitor from the App Store and manage configuration from your Brivo Onair account. You can use the configuration menu to personalize the entire Brivo Visitor experience. Then, you sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of having one less system and vendor to manage for your visitor needs.

3. Improve Your Business

Visitor management encompasses more than just keeping track of who enters your building. The right visitor solution also helps your business run more effectively. Benefits of Brivo Visitor include automating the sign-in experience for guests and deliveries, simplifying the process of notifying hosts when visitors arrive onsite and controlling everything from the pages your visitors see to the reports that your administrators generate.

Brivo Visitor is a smart way to improve visitor registration without having to invest in an expensive, separate tool that might not integrate with your physical security ecosystem. Avoid the confusion for your security team and improve your visitor experience with a solution built for your Brivo platform.

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What’s Next

The customer satisfaction benefit brings up the next area security professionals cited as needing a fundamental technology innovation. How can we innovate for more mobile convenience? Stay tuned to read about it in next week’s blog.