Brivo & Who’s on Location Smart Return to Work Report

Home Unbound #2: Transitioning Back to The Office After COVID
Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Before the pandemic, working from home was gaining traction. When lockdowns hit, organizations had to adapt to new ways of working and accelerated work from home. Now as many businesses continue to evolve their work arrangements, there is a push toward more hybrid solutions. But questions remain:

  • When do employees expect to be back to work?
  • Who is more supportive of hybrid work, the CEO or the line manager?
  • Do men or women expect to be at home indefinitely?
  • Why do workers want to go back to the office?
  • Which geographic regions have less concerns about going back to the office?

This survey of over 1,000 workers is a follow-up to a survey from 6 months prior.

Return to work survey

What Employees Want





Are you Ready for the Hybrid Office of the Future?



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