A Higher Standard
For Access Control

Brivo Access is the 4th generation Brivo access control platform and is a breakthrough for commercial facilities and residential properties that want to modernize and transform the human – building connection.

Brivo Access is Available in Three Editions

Standard Edition

This edition features the core capabilities of Brivo Access cloud-based access control to secure facilities and protect people. Additional features are available for purchase.

Professional Edition

As our most popular edition, Professional empowers organizations with additional features above Standard edition to more efficiently and effectively manage security across their facilities. Added features include, API integrations, Occupancy Tracking, Brivo Visitor, Brivo Snapshot, License Plate Credentials, Event trend analysis, extended data retention, integration with corporate identity management, and more.

Enterprise Edition

Built for enterprise security applications, Enterprise Edition offers features specifically designed to manage large numbers of access points, across multiple locations, while meeting the increased security and compliance requirements demanded by enterprise size organizations. Added features include, Data Explorer, Single sign-on, Anomaly Detection, Global View, Shared Access, and more.

Which Edition is Right For You?

Administrators available
Event tracking
Device status
Facility lockdown
Role-based admin permissions
Remote & mobile management
Video surveillance
Multi-factor authentication
API integrations
Licence Plate Credentials*
Occupancy Tracking
Custom event classification
Event trend analysis
Access Commands
Single sign-on (SSO)
Anomaly Detection
Global View
Data Explorer
Shared Access
Monitored Devices
Reader subscriptions
Brivo Mobile Pass
Data reporting retention
Brivo Visitor
Brivo Snapshot
Standard Edition
Up to 10
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
1 year
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
Professional Edition
Up to 30
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
0 - 2 Years
1 Subscription
1 Subscription
Enterprise Edition
Available for purchase
0 - 3 Years
3 Subscriptions
3 Subscriptions

*additional Eagle Eye Networks subscriptions required

Each Brivo Access edition comes with set number of Brivo Mobile Passes; additional Brivo Mobile Passes can be added to any edition at anytime at a fee.

Automate the security and management of your building with our scalable access control platform.

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