A Look Back at 2020

They say hindsight is 2020. We are glad that 2020 is almost behind us. 

This year was Brivo’s 20th anniversary and the year we launched Brivo Access, our 4th generation access control platform. 2020 held so much promise. We started the year looking forward to growing our community, evolving technology, and continued leadership in bringing the security industry to new heights. 

Then the world came to a screeching halt.

We know, this is everyone’s story. This is the story of 2020. For businesses and for individuals, plans, goals, and dreams were put on hold this year. But hard times often illuminate what is most important and reinforce gratitude. For Brivo, 2020 was a year of tremendous cultural growth, community togetherness, and collaboration. 

We achieved a lot. We grew closer and we are more thankful and appreciative than ever before for our employees, partners, and customers. 

Here is what we take away from 2020: 

Prioritizing diversity makes us stronger. The Brivo team has always been diverse, but this year we stopped to take a hard look at ourselves. We’ve committed to new internal initiatives that promote diversity in leadership, create safe spaces for our colleagues, and celebrate diversity in our daily activities. The culture of a company often dictates the happiness and success of the organization and Brivo is a company that cares deeply about the contentment and wellbeing of all its employees.

We are as good as our community. And what a community we have. Our partner community is full of strong, innovative, and loyal team members. This year we needed each other more than ever. We were able to find new ways of doing business to keep our customers safe and protected during this unprecedented year. 

There is power in numbers. Despite our distance from each other, the Brivo team continued to deliver. We built and launched critical facility safety features to address our customer’s COVID-19 related challenges. We introduced our new reader and controller in one, the Brivo ACS100 with fluid access. Financing and complete subscription purchasing options were made available to help all customers purchase the security they need. And we launched Brivo Access which is built on an entirely new data infrastructure. Cross functional teams within the organization banded together to ensure the success of this new groundbreaking access control technology. 

Despite a challenging year, we came together. We are incredibly grateful for the successes in 2020. We are even more grateful for the community we’ve built and the strides we made toward a better future together.

Our outlook for 2021 is hopeful and humble, grounded in the lessons we’ve learned this year. We know there will be new demands and challenges in 2021 and we will rise to create a more secure and intelligent built world.