The Brivo ACS100 reader/controller is a single door control panel combined with a Brivo Smart Reader.


Brivo controllers are a supporting component of your Brivo access control platform. The ACS100 reader/controller is designed for use with Brivo Onair and Brivo mobile credentials to deliver a secure cloud connection, easy installation and lower costs for single-door locations and remote edge applications.

The ACS100 is indoor/outdoor rated and available in mullion, single gang and keypad versions.

Applications and Benefits

  • Lowers hardware costs for simple single door installations
  • Supports Fluid Access which allows authorized users with Brivo Mobile Pass
    to unlock doors by simply touching the ACS100
  • Provides the flexibility to use mobile or traditional physical credentials
  • Offers the option to use a second reader for in/out antipassback applications
  • Meets building physical security requirements and aesthetic preferences with indoor/outdoor rating, three form factors and two colors to choose from
  • Provides encrypted data storage and communications