The Benefits of an Integrated Smart Apartment System

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lines between home and work have completely blurred. Apartment safety and security has a new definition and potential tenants’ priorities are changing. Property managers are looking for ways to keep their properties safe and appeal to these new desires. That’s where smart apartment tech comes in. Smart apartment technology includes mobile based access control, visitor management capabilities, smart locks, and real-time video surveillance. Here are four practical benefits of implementing an integrated smart apartment system for property managers.

Stand Out In A Competitive Rental Market

Rental turnover is expensive, costing anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per turn according to the National Apartment Association. The best way to minimize rental turnover is to create a positive customer experience for residents. High-tech amenities like smart apartment tech communicates to potential tenants that security and safety are a top priority. The more appealing a building is, the faster units are filled and the longer residents stay. Implementing smart apartment tech creates a positive and safe experience for tenants, as well as increases the value of the property. 

Safer Self-guided Tours 

Prospective tenants want flexibility in their apartment hunt and property managers who aren’t flexible lose out. In fact, more than 40% of renters said they’ve passed on a property because they couldn’t find a convenient tour time, according to research from Zoby Analytics. Avoid the hassle and allow prospects to view the property at a time they select using self-guided tours. With smart apartment tech, prospective tenants go through a screening process and then get an access code via a text message or email to enter the apartment at a time they select. 

After the tour is over, the property manager can access analytics to measure their interest in the unit — who entered, which amenities they toured, and how long they stayed. In the age of coronavirus, concerns around sanitation, safety, and security are top of mind and smart apartment tech makes apartment tours much safer and simpler for everyone. 

Integrated Building Security And Access Control

Feeling safe at home is a priority for everyone. Renters weighing apartment amenity options focus more on security and safety than any other category. According to a RentPath survey, 35% of American renters surveyed want gated access and a quarter want door locks controlled by an app. Smart apartment security solutions give both residents and property managers peace of mind that the building is secure. Using a mobile app, residents get access to a building’s front door, common areas, and unit with one login. Smart apartment tech allows residents to grant access for specific visitors, ensuring that unwanted guests are not on site.  It allows property managers to set access control schedules and receive alerts when there’s an unexpected access event. A digital visitor record then helps building managers know who is and isn’t in the building in the case of an emergency. 

Physical security cameras also can connect to smart apartment tech. This gives property managers remote access to a live feed of what’s happening in the moment at their properties, as well as access to recorded video. All of these tools combined ensure that buildings are as secure as possible. 

Prevent Property Damage And Protect Investments

Smart apartment technologies make property management from afar not only possible, but cost effective. Sensors monitor building systems to prevent damage from fires, water leaks, and smoke, while also monitoring energy usage — without the need for property managers to be onsite 24/7. Smart apartment systems allow users to manage a property on any mobile device, so they can spot issues before they become major disasters. This keeps property costs down and keeps tenants safe. 

To learn more about how, when, and why offering better physical security and broader PropTech solutions can increase your building’s revenue, download Brivo’s multifamily solution guide.