Brivo Data Reveals COVID-19 Impact on America

The COVID-19 impact on the workplace is clearly visible in the access control records of commercial office properties across the United States. Anonymized data feeds from the Brivo platform reveal changes in daily active users entering the workplace.

Brivo data is gathered from +23 million credentialed users across more than 72,000 buildings and tracks access to offices, schools, multifamily dwellings, retail establishments, warehouses, government offices, houses of worship, and many more commercial properties.

Methodology: “Percentage reopened is calculated as number of daily unique users compared to the pre-Covid daily average in February 2020. Calculated for regular working days, excluding weekends and holidays.”

Brivo Commercial Reopening Index

America has a ‘back to work’ number thanks to Brivo. By monitoring credential holder activity from commercial access control data across the U.S., we can show how much the country has reopened and how close we are to pre-COVID normal.

Track Recovery by Industry

Some industries felt the pinch more than others. Agriculture and construction saw a faster return to normal but some sectors, like retail and transportation still struggle to get to pre-pandemic levels.

The data also shows holidays and other significant events. Click on the color tiles in the graph legend to see each individual industries separately.

Brivo Data