Not Sold On Access Control? Consider Two Companies Who Improved Operations

Can you believe that only about 10% of businesses in the U.S. with 20 or more employees are using cloud access control?

It seems that those who can benefit the most from access control, haven’t fully bought off on the concept. So it’s hard to not wonder what’s holding them back?

I believe that part of the reason – besides a lack of understanding and resources – is fear. Businesses of all sizes are hesitant to make an investment in a new technology when they have little understanding of the benefits of the new technology. Cloud technologies have been adopted by IT departments is massive numbers, but some other departments are still afraid to make the switch. Below are two examples of how cloud access control has helped two companies experience real and measurable results.

Company #1 Medical Center Deploys Cloud Access Control to Save Time and Focus on Better Serving their Clients and the Community

Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre (CWMAC), located in Ontario, Canada, recently deployed a Brivo security system in replacement of a traditional lock-and-key.

Their Challenges:

  • Access of the building was not automated and since this medical facility had a diverse array of individuals who needed access, such as patients, personnel, students and seniors it was becoming difficult to differentiate access between the different members
  • Personnel from CWMAC was forced to go into the facility during off hours to ensure the doors were securely locked
  • Management was unable to identify who had accessed the building and at what times
  • Time and energy was spent manually securing the facility, in the expense of providing top care to patients

The Solution:

  • Replacing antiquated lock and key access control with the implementation of Brivo Onair, a cloud-based access control solution

The Result:

  • The CWMAC operations team was able to save a lot of time, headaches and money
  • The CWMAC was able to get ahead on previously delayed projects, such as patient service programs. As Dr. Boudreau, the director of operations at CWMAC notes, “So much time and effort used to be dedicated to something so unnecessary and unproductive, I am just glad that it has been completely removed from the equation now.”
  • The team was able to focus on their community engagement and patient programs, and are now able to deliver top service. For more information, read the complete CWMAC case study here.

Company #2 Century 21 Action Plus Realty Gets Increased Security and Safety

CENTURY 21 Action Plus Realty is a premiere real estate agency in New Jersey that employs more than 250 sales professionals in seven locations.

The Challenges:

  • The old system was hard to administer, time consuming and costly
  • Access changes needed to be done from a single, dedicated computer located in one of the offices. This required an individual with administrative rights to travel to the site to accommodate changing business requirements
  • High turnover of associates and contractors made it difficult to retrieve issued access cards, disable or replace them

The Solution:

  • Replaced the outdated on-premise electronic access control system with Brivo Onair integrated with video surveillance for all locations.

The Result:

  • All locations were unified under one system, reducing costs and maintenance as there was less hardware to purchase and maintain
  • The administrative staff was able to remotely manage and control all seven locations
  • Incremental security was added as video surveillance was integrated into the single platform
  • Employees experienced the convenience of accessing the facilities with their smartphones saving them the headaches of having to remember their keycards, read the complete case study here

As these two case studies demonstrate, cloud access control, is not just a new technology, but one that provides increased efficiencies, conveniences and improved security.  If you’re not using cloud access control, you might be missing out on an opportunity to improve your business operations and your bottom line. Check out all of our case studies here.