Growing real estate company gains increased security at a lower cost.


“If we needed to lock the door during the business week, it was a big process and could only be done through one stationary computer. My new Brivo system did much more at less cost per user. I am thrilled with this solution”

Tom Hogan | President & Owner | CENTURY 21 Action Plus Realty


CENTURY 21 Action Plus Realty in New Jersey, with 250+ employees and seven locations, had an outdated access control system with limited capabilities.

The old system was hard to administer, costly, time-consuming and not integrated with video

Changes had to be done from a single, dedicated computer located in one of the offices

The system did not provide software updates, leaving it open to potential hackers and cyber attacks


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

  • The owner chose Brivo Onair with Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS for video surveillance
  • Door scheduling for all offices is set with a few clicks and changes can be made remotely
  • With SaaS, updates and patches are delivered automatically for the highest level of security
  • Brivo partner Protection 1 also added silent panic buttons that dispatch local law enforcement


“The ability to change when doors are locked or to remove a repairman’s access was the flexibility we needed. The system is very easy to use and the support is fantastic.”

-Tom Hogan | President & Owner

  • The system minimizes on-site hardware requirements and the associated maintenance costs
  • Employees can access secure areas with their smartphones, eliminating keycards
  • The company has a comprehensive system and cost-effective solution
  • A single browser interface, controls both the access and video systems for clear event details
  • Cameras inside and outside provide a view to live video streams and historic events
  • The video solution allows for customized views and remotely monitors all locations