ACS100 Combined Reader/Controller Broadens Access Control Applications for Partners and Customers

Brivo recently announced the release of our ACS100 all-in-one reader and controller designed to lower hardware costs for a broad range of access control needs and make installation easier and faster. It also debuts a new mobile user experience with Fluid Access, which allows users to unlock doors without removing their mobile credential from their pocket.

To better understand the impact on the market, we interviewed Carl Satterlund from Basco Security Inc., one of our partners serving the Massachusetts market, who recently quoted a large project with the ACS100. 

Q: What feature are you most excited about from the ACS100?

A: Having one device that takes it all into account: ease, features and functionality.

One of the best features about the new combined reader/controller has to be the ease of wiring. With one CAT6 cable to the door, we can now easily scale any access control system. No more multi-conductors to a door that adds more time and complexity to installation. The ACS100 can be used in so many different situations from large, multi-site jobs to customers who need access control added to some interior doors to expand their system.

Q: How do you see the ACS100 meeting the needs of the market?

A: It delivers security with fast and simple installation.

Brivo has once again delivered on their promise of Simply Better Security by creating a product that offers more applications for access control and fast and easy installation. With competition always trying to come in cheaper, it’s best to have something that allows you to work fast while still delivering the full features that customers expect. And working fast is even more important in today’s world where we all have considerations for who comes onsite and how long they stay. We are solving customer safety concerns, while improving security.

Q: How does the ACS100 add to your product portfolio and give you a competitive advantage?

A: It’s a great product that we can offer at a competitive total price to help us win more jobs.

I’ve been using Brivo as my only access control platform for a while because it can surpass any of the others out there. Brivo is reliable, flexible and innovative because they keep developing new products that our customers need. In terms of this ACS100 reader/controller, I think that the simple installation keeps me ahead of the competition when price is always a factor. We can now offer a product customers need for their doors; they want it based on the modern look; and they appreciate it because of the lower labor costs to meet their budget. 

Q: What do you see as the benefits to your customers?

A: For the customer it means lower cost, less required space and Fluid Access.

First, the budget benefit of less wiring means lower cost. The ACS100 allows customers to add access control to doors they didn’t consider in the past due to cost constraints. Second, available real estate in electrical and mechanical rooms. I have recently seen multiple sites that do not have space for a traditional system that requires multiple cans and power supplies, so the ACS100 solves that problem too. Finally, the Fluid Access feature that offers a hands-free way to unlock doors while still being secure. Our customers are always looking for mobile solutions, so it’s great that they can keep their credential in their bag and not have to open an app to unlock the door.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a Brivo partner?

A: It’s a partnership that builds up my business.

When I have a question or a concern, someone is there to answer me. If there is an opportunity that I need to move on, they make it happen. I may be a three-man shop, but when I need to look like a 100-man shop, I can do that with Brivo. I recently had a large job that required some different pricing, and within a week, I was on the phone with everyone who had a major role so we could make it happen. That made me feel like that 100-man shop. We are proud to be a Brivo partner and we are excited to see the new ways Brivo will help us improve security.

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