What’s Hot | What’s Not 2021

Happy new year and here’s to health and transformation in 2021. At Brivo, we wanted to start a new tradition of sharing what’s new and trending in the coming year. 

Backed by years of experience in both the access control market and the proptech industry, Brivo has the experience to know what’s going the way of the dodo. We also have keen insight into what trends security leaders, property management companies, and visionaries are looking at for the future. 

We will look back at 2020 from the future and realize what a turning point it was in human history. This era will show a break from normal patterns of human behavior and the time when technology became a catalyst for creating new patterns in human behaviour. 

Here are few that we see as trends in the coming year.

What’s Hot
Masks that match who you are or what you’re wearing
The new smart office
Keeping your distance in social situations
Mobile credentials to open doors
Remote security management
Open technology platforms
Integrated solutions
Data managed security
Visualized business insights to make real data-driven decisions
Opening doors with your smartphone
Having visitors to your office sign-in via mobile kiosk or phone
Technology enabled smart apartments
Booking a self-guided tour of an available apartments
Accessing your apartment building and common areas with your smartphone
Controlling thermostats via your phone app
Package delivery protocols for your door
What’s Not
No masks
Offices without COVID protocols
Superspreader events
Old-fashioned fobs and keys
On-premise access solutions
Separate software solutions that don’t work together
Multiple site logins and tools that don’t work together
Doors that don’t collect data
Excel spreadsheets
Carrying fobs and badges
Allowing visitors to freely walk-in to the office
Apartment tours dependent on juggling schedules with interested tenants
Carrying a huge ring of keys to get to the gym, pool or community area at your apartment building
Heating unoccupied units
Porch pirates

If you want to learn more about future trends, check out our Vision 2020: The Future Never Looked so Bright blog to see a deeper look at what’s coming for the future.