The Anatomy of a Great Smart Apartment

A great smart apartment starts long before residents walk into their future homes. Residents expect more and are willing to pay more for smart home amenities. A great resident experience begins with property management tools, innovative smart apartment technology, and proptech. However, many property managers may wonder, what exactly makes a smart apartment great?

Improve Efficiency with Property Management Tools Behind the Scenes

The tools that property managers use behind the scenes play a heavy role in creating a great smart apartment. Property managers can assign mobile credentials, monitor common areas, control environmental features in vacant units, and more. With video management capabilities, property owners can know who’s accessing common areas, manage guests deliveries, and secure parking facilities, all while protecting building occupants and giving residents peace of mind. Brivo Multifamily Solutions help property owners modernize access, optimize operations with an open, integrated platform, and give residents the amenities they want and need.

Expand Possibilities with Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided tours emerged more popular than ever during the pandemic for the convenience and safety they provide for prospective residents and property owners. With self-guided tours, property managers can pre-qualify prospects, grant access while keeping the building secure, and allow prospects to tour units, amenities, and gyms. While some future residents may still prefer to tour potential units in person, the added convenience and alternative options only make smart apartment communities more desirable and deliver an elegant solution that differentiates your property from others.

Satisfy Residents with Smart Home Technology and Features

Residents like ease and simplicity. Smart home technology create a smart resident experience. Residents can remotely adjust temperatures and lighting from their smartphones, and property managers can monitor energy consumptions using smart thermostats and lighting controls. With keyless entry and mobile access, residents can access amenities and common spaces through their mobile app, and grant access to guests. These features create a smooth experience throughout the property that not only benefits the residents but helps improve resident retention for property managers.

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