Security Best Practices in the Time of Coronavirus

The changes in our daily lives with the coronavirus are making many of us rethink our security practices and check to ensure we are using technology platform capabilities to stay safe.

Brivo Customer Service is always here to support you and your teams, even through these challenging times.

We’ve been receiving many questions about common management practices. We’ve taken those topics and provided easy access to answer your questions.

Restrict access for existing credentialed users from entering a facility in the short or long term

Brivo Onair Manual pages:

    • What are users and groups page pg 71
    • Creating a Group Enabled Schedule pg 79
    • Managing Users pg 93
    • Editing Assistant Administrator Permissions pg 143
Restricting access by changing schedules for doors, groups and exceptions

Update access due to changing schedules by configuring groups in an account and making exceptions to credentialed users’ access

Brivo Onair Manual pages: 

    • Creating a Schedule pg 244
    • Managing Schedules pg 248

How-to Videos

How to

Add Doors


How-to Set-up

Event Streams


How to Create



How to Schedule



Admin password reset

If you need help resetting your password, check here

Brivo Onair Manual pages: 

    • To use the self-serve password reset pg 125
    • Viewing Control Panel Details pg 224


Panel communications and upgrade firmware

Check to make sure your panel is communicating and confirm if you need a firmware update


Locking down your facility

Keep your employees safe by putting your facility into lockdown quickly and effectively

Brivo Onair Manual page: 

    • Lockdown pg 268


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