If Access Control and Affordability Had a
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Brivo Complete

Protecting facilities and keeping employees safe is a primary goal for all business leaders. Many businesses are focused on increasing the security and safety of their properties, including having better management of employee and visitor traffic. However, many of these businesses find themselves at a crossroads between adding security and managing cash flow. Today, the ability to remotely manage security is less of an option and more of a demand.

So much of our lives are now digital and a significant portion of our business information: email, banking, weather forecasts, traffic updates, scheduling software, etc. is delivered via cloud. And, many of those business solutions are accessed via a monthly subscription.

As consumers, we’ve become very accustomed to purchasing services through subscriptions. Think Quickbooks, Salesforce, Amazon, your fitness center, grocery delivery and even razors and socks. We’re subscribing to these services now more than ever and the subscription market continues to grow. The bottom line is paying for a subscription makes the service financially easier to consume.

The bottom line is paying for a subscription makes the service financially easier to consume.

Did You Know Security Can Be Delivered to You as a Subscription?

Think about your facility access control and security as a digital solution that you can rely on via a monthly subscription. 

Brivo is the only provider to offer unique subscription options combining your hardware, installation and cloud-based software services for a complete solution. Brivo Complete is the access control and video subscription that delivers what you need to secure your facilities without the high upfront costs so you can quickly and affordably deploy security across your business.

Brivo Complete diagram

Brivo is unique

Only provider offering a unique subscription combining your hardware, installation and cloud-based software services for security.

The Brivo Complete subscription model removes the barrier of upfront cash requirements. This solution is structured with a nominal activation payment with a flat monthly service. In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, we will all need to manage our cash more cautiously, but we do not need to compromise on safety.

As a predictable monthly expense, security is now an operational investment that you can plan for, unlike a capital expense that demands high upfront costs and fluctuates as you need to change out locks or expand to a new location. 

Many industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, but no one should be denied safety and security because of budget restrictions. This flexible buying option gives you the ability to install Brivo immediately without large upfront costs. 

Based on your security requirements, you may have an activation fee as low as $99 and a monthly subscription that includes installation, hardware and cloud-based software.*

* Pricing will vary based on an individual security assessment. Consult with your security installer for more details.

Digital Management of Your Security Needs

Like a subscription to cable, you can get the security tools you need to manage your business with hardware that is easily installed by a security professional and a platform that is quickly up and running. Eliminate the need for old-fashioned keys and fobs that must be continuously purchased or replaced as your employee base changes. When you move to Brivo’s cloud solution, you can remove, add and adjust access for anyone who has access to your facility using an online, centralized platform. You can also track who has access and when they are onsite to keep your facility and valuable business assets safe.

The cloud platform makes it simple to revoke or grant access through a mobile application. You can remotely set-up access schedules, create groups, view video and know who is accessing your facilities from wherever you are.  What could be more convenient?

Brivo is mobile

Only provider offering a unique subscription combining your hardware, installation and cloud-based software services for security.

Brivo is global 

Supporting 20 million active users in 42 countries over the past 20 years.

A Better Subscription for Security Hardware and Software

Brivo makes it simple by providing a solution that includes the hardware, software and technology add-on options you need for your business. It also includes comprehensive training on how to use the Brivo platform for access control and video and a lifetime warranty on Brivo provided hardware. 

Brivo is the global leader in cloud-based physical security. Insights from over 20 years of service and 20 million users of the Brivo platform have helped us cultivate and recommend solutions to address your needs as a business owner. The team of security experts at Brivo are here to ensure that the solution you invest in today is best for your business now and well into the future. 

Built for Growth, Flexibility and Scalability

As your business grows and changes, you can quickly scale by adding more security when and where you need it. The hardware and software are flexible with the ability to add-on as you go. You can expand as you need and continue to manage your predictable monthly subscription to keep your budget on track. 

Security automation and the ability to manage security systems remotely is more important than ever. As more businesses reopen and people begin to come out of quarantine from COVID-19, experts predict social distancing standards will remain in place until a vaccine is released. Understanding how many people access your facility and their traffic patterns will help you meet compliance and lessen exposure. Video surveillance and access event data will give you a full picture of what’s going on at your facilities.

With Brivo’s cloud-based access control solution you can manage security from your smartphone or laptop. Create schedules for entrances; grant different levels of user access; get event alerts and view real-time video; initiate lockdowns of door(s) or an entire site; and arm and disarm alarm panels, all from a central location.




Brivo is scalable 

As your business grows and changes, you can scale security to meet new demands while knowing what your costs will be each month.

Brivo is integrated

The security and technology capabilities of your Brivo platform are endless because of our open API and dedicated network of partners.

API graph

Always Evolving to Meet Changing Needs

Your security needs may change coming out of the pandemic, and you may want to integrate additional components into your security platform. Brivo has many integration partners that can extend the capability of your security system. The integrations with human resources management software and HVAC services could be especially important, as well as integrations like intercoms, alarm systems, thermal cameras and other technologies that are part of our extended network of partners. 

The Brivo API expands your physical security benefits, helping you achieve better security with less work, optimize mobile convenience, deliver better visitor experiences and create an integrated security technology ecosystem. 

Cloud-based access control is flexible, scalable and affordable with our Brivo Complete subscription. Now is the time to assess your security needs and talk to an expert about the right hardware, software and payment options for you to protect your business today and into the future.


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