Which Industries are Headed Back to Work in America?

As we watch with anticipation hoping we can get back to normal after Coronavirus shut-down the country, many have predicted barber shops, hair salons and fitness centers are where we will begin seeing people getting back to routines.

Brivo can track access events at these types of commercial businesses to see if people are returning, and if so, how quickly and to what levels. This chart tracks access control records at physical fitness facilities, sport and recreation clubs, as well as barber shops and hair salons.

From the graph you can see that barber shops and hair salons are trending back toward normal, and are only 17% off their normal access levels. That represents a 53% improvement from the lowest point of a 71% deficit.

Gyms are also seeing a lift, but at a much more conservative rate. They are still 75% less than normal occupancy, yet have shown a 14% improvement since the lowest point in March.

Access Control Security Best Practices in the Pandemic Era