PropTech and the Right Integration Approach

A recent Propmodo article, ‘Here’s How Your Property Management Software Determines Your Tech Stack’ discusses a very important decision for property management companies evaluating their foray into PropTech. 

The writer, Logan Nagel, astutely points out that, “different property management companies have taken a variety of approaches to integrating with other software providers…often need[ing] to choose between being an all-in-one or a best-in-class solution. Will a given provider try to do it all, or stick to what they do best and outsource or integrate with the rest? Will they take the Apple walled garden approach, where integrations are limited and potentially much more quality-controlled, or will they take the Android-style, open market approach?”

Some property software providers have lots of integrations. Some property software providers are less open and only selectively choose their integrations, with the idea that these fewer integrations are more highly cultivated and work well. Choosing the right software provider takes some thought to ensure that they have the ethos inline with your business and your needs. The implications for future resident experience and integration strategy are on the line. 

Property managers should choose the system that is most inline with their business philosophy so they can set themselves on a path to embrace the technology residents want and help them provide a tenant experience that sets their property apart. However it’s unfortunate in some ways that property software providers are such strong gatekeepers in the space. 

In the proptech space, it’s not as dramatic as having to choose an Apple or Android path that would set you on a dramatically different course which is very hard to change. These potential gatekeepers, who are in many cases the first in the market, can establish pricing, additional charges and other potential inhibitors to future integration options for property managers.  Hopefully newer and more industry or customer favorable models can emerge in the future and reduce the potential ‘lock in’ that is seen in other technology markets. 

The PropTech industry is in a growth period. Perhaps the need to ‘pick a side’ will change in the future as standards improve in capability and adoption and companies gain critical mass in their segments. As leaders emerge in various technology categories like doorbells, sensors, intercoms, property management apps, access control, etc. winners are deemed. Those winners will then garner good integrations with leading property software and drive the market adoption rates. 

Early adopters take the pain of adopting systems that aren’t integrated with each other, but they’re not going to want to stay that way for an extended period of time.

For Brivo it highlights the need to integrate, and integrate well, with the leading property software providers so property managers can have a choice when making a decision that will put them on a path to their unique tech stack.

To find out more about Brivo’s integration options, check out our API page