Invictus Integration: Eliminating Access Burdens for the Modern Renter

As many more people are opting for long-term renting than before, assessing a property’s amenities is an important part of the process when choosing a place to live. The new-age, post-pandemic renter wants the convenience of working and playing in the same space. Spending more time in their home than ever before, they want convenient access, easy visitor management, package delivery amenities, and property management companies are delivering. 

Creating a convenient, modern experience for residents starts at the front door. Smart technology is now a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have.

Creating a Safer, Modern Experience Through Integrated Proptech

Brivo and Invictus have partnered to combine Brivo’s access control and smart building technologies with Invictus’ video intercom, resident portal and mobile app to provide an integrated, vibrant community experience. The integration between Brivo and Invictus makes it simpler for residents to enter their apartments, access common spaces, and book amenities without keys or fobs, they only need their mobile device.

Today’s renter prioritizes amenities that make their lives easier. Simple but useful features to control building and resident operations are being able to access their apartment or contact their leasing office with a tap of their smartphone. Without the use of keys or fobs, apartment lockouts due to lost or forgotten keys become a nonissue. 

With Brivo credentials embedded in the Invictus resident app, property managers are able to manage access permissions for residents and visitors, creating a safer, simpler solution for building security. Property managers can also create and manage both Invictus and Brivo resident data within the Invictus resident portal without having to manually update separate systems. 

Why Choose an Integrated Solution to Enhance the Resident and Property Management Experience?

  • Brivo mobile credentials integrate with the Invictus resident app, allowing residents access throughout the community with ease
  • Removes the need for keys or fobs, eliminates lockouts
  • Streamlines visitor check-ins, improves security
  • Property managers can manage data and permissions within one interface

For more information on the partnership, please read the press release here.