How To Take Business Security to The Next Level

Brivo is Used to Firsts 

Brivo is a company of firsts. We have a history of breaking barriers. Brivo is: 

  • The first to introduce cloud-based and subscription-based access control into the market.
  • The first to offer mobile credentials that are native to the application that they live in.
  • The first to introduce a pure subscription model of access control to the market to make best-in-class access control affordable for more businesses. 
  • The first to introduce a multifamily solution that is seamlessly integrated with our access control offering for a comprehensive multifamily solution in a single platform 

Brivo is always innovating for simply better security and now, is launching Brivo Access: the groundbreaking  building security platform with robust data analytics, streamlined workflows, operational and identity management integrations, and powerful security features to improve efficiency, enhance safety and empower activity analysis.

Brivo is Always Questioning, “What’s Next?”

The impetus for Brivo Access was the realization that security professionals everywhere had lots of data, but had to spend resources to analyze it to make it usable security data. Through yearly surveys and analysis of the goals and challenges of security professionals, the overwhelming feedback on data was that there is either too much or too little. But, the bottom line is, no actionable business insights can be gleaned from the security data available now. 

That didn’t sit well with us. We knew there had to be a better way. And as the first cloud-based access control company, we knew we could do better. We started years ago with bringing in a new engineering team, led by a bright and talented new CTO, to help us build our vision for the future of physical security.

Brivo is focused on helping companies of all sizes and within every industry have better access control. “Better” access control means that it is more than a disjointed business solution reserved only for security staff. Brivo Access is built to integrate with many other business software solutions. No more siloed data that reveals little to no important insights. Now an organization’s physical security solution is part of a comprehensive cloud ecosystem. One that is cybersecure, integrated, and can visualize customized data for more informed business decisions.  

Brivo is Creating a New Era of Access Control

Brivo Access was created on top of our deep experience in physical security and our intimate knowledge of the challenges and goals of our customers. Brivo Access is part of our 4th generation tech stack, designed to be the new benchmark in access control and to be able to integrate with startups and leading-edge technology in other industries.  

Brivo Access is also the product version that enables editions pricing. The Brivo platform is flexible  for every company and is offered in three editions so you can select the right package of technology to automate access control, use data to transform your facility.

Brivo is Always Improving

So, what does Brivo Access bring to the table? What features and functionalities can security professionals rely on Brivo Access for? 

Access Control Visibility

  • Data visualization capability with intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Event tracking of door activity and active users with alert settings and reporting features
  • Event classification to organize activity by critical action required
  • Device status read-out in your access control solution
  • User and credential management as well as group access permission management
  • Lockdown feature to secure the facility in an emergency
  • Live and recorded video capture and indexing

Flexibility and Control

  • Mobile credentials to modernize your workforce and facility
  • Remote and mobile management to control from any device and from anywhere
  • Role-based permissions
  • Site and door management to set up building access perimeter and interior doors
  • Event and user access automation and scheduling
  • Automated user access privileges and ability to schedule events
  • Identity Access Management to tie user physical security access rights to online access
  • Infinite scalability to grow

Data Analytics and Flexibility

  • Data Explorer business intelligence tool built into the platform for advanced analytics
  • Global View map-centric multi-site display to zoom into individual facilities to assess usage patterns and risks
  • Hundreds of API integrations to expand connectivity and develop your ecosystem
  • Event trend analysis automatically identifies patterns and anomalies in your access data to surface potential issues and confirm if the event is normal or anomalous

Brivo is Making Access Control Easier and More Effective 

The new features and functions of Brivo Access were designed specifically with security professionals and larger organizational and operational efficiency in mind. COVID-19 has pushed many organizations to take stock of their tech stacks and evaluate the digital transformation steps they need to take to be more efficient. Physical security software needs to fit into that tech stack for comprehensive business insights.

Learn about
Brivo Access and how it will revolutionize your access control experience here.