How to Make Smart Apartment A Resident Amenity

Home is now the center of our world. Since quarantine measures were put into place, home has become everything: offices, staycation destinations, even dinner-and-a-movie date night spots. It is imperative now that we enjoy being home; to feel happy and content at home and to be able to interact with our homes easily. 

For those who are in multifamily communities like apartments and condos, available amenities are chosen for them by property developers and managers who make decisions on what will make their multifamily property the most valuable. 

But the bottom line is: giving residents that perfect home experience, their ideal place to live, is what creates the most value for your multifamily property. Smart apartment technology is the amenity that makes that possible.

market appeal of smart buildings

In a survey done by The Real Deal and Wakefield Research, 61% of millennials, the largest group of renters, are likely to rent an apartment specifically because of its electronic access features. These electronic access features fit into a larger and more comprehensive smart apartment ecosystem that makes interacting with multifamily communal spaces as well as their own apartment convenient, custom, and even cool. 

Integrating smart apartment proptech into multifamily properties transforms them into interactive spaces that residents will love to live in.



A Fully Integrated Solution

When residents can control their entire living experience in your multifamily property from one application on their smartphone, they can enjoy a modern and connected  lifestyle. That encompasses everything from secure keyless access, mobile access to communal amenities like to the pool or gym, to controlling the temperature and lighting in their own apartment, to granting access to visitors at the front door of the building.

Property managers are able to control, monitor and manage the property from their smart devices as well. They can manage everything from access to the front door of the building to leak and flood sensors in individual apartments remotely. The ability to control the multifamily property remotely also enables self-guided tours for potential residents.  

Developers can glean insights from access data to communal amenities like pools and gyms to make more informed decisions on what tenants actually use. They can also rely on higher resident interest and retention rates as well as demand a higher rent leading to increased revenue.

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