Smart Apartment Delivers a Secure Self-Guided Tour

There is a Simply Better Way to Lease Real Estate

Offer prospective residents the convenience of a self-guided tour while the property stays secure with cloud-based access control. With Brivo Smart Apartment, the experience of showing available units just got a lot easier, safer and more convenient.


Expanding Possibilities

flexible schedule

Instant Tours to Meet Everyone’s Schedule

Prospective residents want flexibility– over 40% have passed on a property because they couldn’t schedule a tour time. Avoid the hassle and allow prospects to view the property at a time they select.

qualify prospect

Qualify Prospective Residents Before the Tour

Brivo Smart Apartment works with your existing qualification process. Self-guided tours become a seamless part of your overall leasing experience, expanding your appeal to more prospective residents.

owner access control

Gain More Visibility and Control for Self-Tours

Install video cameras to monitor common area access and ‘see’ vacant apartments that people are touring. The property stays secure, you can protect against damage, and you gain insights into what prospective residents want most.

review analytics

Review Analytics to See Who Is Most Likely to Rent

Measure interest with analytics to see who entered, what amenities they toured and how long they stayed. This insight helps you follow up with the most interested prospects to sign a new lease.

protect agent & guests

Improve Safety for Leasing Agents and Prospective Residents

Keep everyone safer by letting leasing agents focus on other job responsibilities while prospective residents enjoy a self-guided tour. No one has to be alone to prevent any safety concerns.

How It Works

Setting up a self-guided tour is simple, convenient and secure. The Brivo Smart Apartment solution appeals to prospective residents, so you can lease more apartments with less work.

qualify prospect

Qualify and Identify

Pre-qualify prospects using your existing qualification tools and processes

grant access

Grant Access

Send unique, time-bound access code to prospects via mobile phone or web browser

use code

Use Code

Prospect gets email or text with code to open authorized doors (no app required)

tour property

Go on Tour

Prospect tours unit for lease and amenities like gym, pool, etc


Follow Up

Review self-guided showing analytics to engage prospect to sign lease

A Fully Integrated Access Control and Self-Guided Tour Solution

Use integrated security and the latest innovation in self touring to help you rent faster, ensure safety and create a one-of-a-kind leasing experience.

Brivo delivers a seamless solution with the reliability of partnering with the global leader in cloud-based access control and security platforms.