How Can You Afford to Invest in Access Control Security? How Can You Afford NOT To?

As we navigate COVID-19, we are faced with an uncertain economy and a cloudy future for businesses. One thing we know for certain is physical security is an essential part of your business. Managing who is coming to the office, visiting your community, wearing masks and social distancing are a few of the new realities we all need to face. 

As we work to determine how to reopen businesses safely, we must consider how to reduce the spread of germs through surface contact, how we can socially distance from each other, and how to better manage our work-from-home world. Security and access control have become a necessity. Remote access to doors, visitor screenings and thermal cameras are not just for the office: they are also integral for multifamily dwellings, retail spaces, healthcare locations and a myriad of other businesses. 

In the midst of economic uncertainty you may wonder how you can afford to invest in a new or upgraded security system if you’re not sure of your financial situation? But what is the cost of not investing?

Access Control is An Investment in Health

The health of the people who visit your business or building is critical to your success and, on a larger scale, society’s success. The faster we can lower infection rates, the better off we will all be. The only way to do that is to act responsibly in public spaces. For the people in charge of the security and safety of those public spaces, that means controlling access, traffic flow, and accommodating social distancing. That also means understanding who is in those spaces and when they are there, for contact tracing measures. Without investing in the technology to help you control your building, you are leaving the health of your tenants or residents to chance. 

Fortunately, there are new business models that allow you to get the security and access control system you need. One of the best innovations in acquiring digital technology is the ability to obtain it through a subscription model. Similar to buying cable service or a cloud based CRM, you can also purchase a complete access control solution as a subscription.

The subscription model is well established in similar industries, such as intrusion, where residential and business alarm systems are typically paid for on a monthly basis. The subscription includes the hardware, the installation and the monthly monitoring.  

Welcome to Access Control as a Service

Now, you can subscribe to access control as a service. You may also include other services like mobile credentials, video surveillance and other security features now offered through cloud-based access control. It’s a combination of hardware and software as well as ongoing platform access and control. Welcome to access control as a subscription!

Brivo recently announced the industry’s first subscription-based access control and video system that includes installation, hardware, and software. It’s called Brivo Complete and it enables businesses to secure their facilities without the barrier of high upfront costs so they can quickly and affordably deploy security. 

If you have a larger project that requires more hardware, integrated systems or a more complex installation, Brivo provides a fully financed option through the Brivo Financing Program. This program includes an installment payment option, with flexible terms, to finance the full cost of your security system (up to $250,000) and the ability to manage your payments over time.

Finance the Future of your Building 

Many companies are realizing their systems are over ten years old and no longer offer  state-of-the-art protection. Having a choice of payment options offers a viable solution when considering upgrading from an antiquated on-premise system to a new cloud-based technology. 

Financing options are a solution for adding physical security to multi-site projects with complex requirements, an upgrade to smart home technology for multifamily sites, and any new projects that require integrating existing systems to add more capabilities. 

Given the current economic climate, having purchasing options, from a simple subscription through Brivo Complete or a fully financed project through Brivo Financing, can help you upgrade your essential security system and help you preserve cash flow. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from getting the necessary tools to help keep your employees safe, monitor who enters your buildings, and upgrade your full security practice to the cloud.