Business Security That’s Just Right

Like individuals, businesses are all different. They are different sizes, occupy different spaces, and have different security needs. However, until now, businesses have had to settle for one-size-fits-all access control solutions. 

The problem with one-size-fits-all access control is that, for example, large enterprises require much different organizational insights and functions than a small business. The small business doesn’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles that cost more and might, in fact, get in the way of easy access management.. The enterprise organization shouldn’t have to manage the access of a global organization with a bare-bones security platform.  

With the unveiling of Brivo Access, the 4th generation building security platform, we unveiled a solution with robust data analytics, streamlined workflows, operational and identity management integrations, and powerful security features, but we  also unveiled Brivo Access Editions. 

Right-Sized Security

Brivo Access is offered in three editions so you can select the right package of technology to automate access control, use data to transform your facility and achieve simply better security.

Brivo Access Standard Edition: Set Your Security Bar High

The Brivo Access Standard Edition is perfect for small to medium businesses who need efficient, effective, remote, and mobile access control. Operate a successful facility security program that has the essential access control features as well as  the option to add capabilities as needed.

The Standard Edition secures your facility and protects your people so you have peace of mind to focus on other responsibilities.

Brivo Access Professional Edition: Expand your Security Impact

The Brivo Access Professional Edition enables businesses to achieve increased automation, real-time monitoring, application integration and access to advanced analytics.

The Professional Edition delivers the power to unlock trends and links physical security with other essential operations to modernize your facility.

Brivo Access Enterprise Edition: The First Enterprise SaaS Platform

Until now, there hasn’t been a cloud access platform built for the largest enterprise users. We are taking the industry into a new space where cloud-based security services can penetrate the enterprise. 

The Brivo Access Enterprise Edition sets a new standard for access control with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools and machine learning technologies to transform data into actionable insights.

The Enterprise Edition is the most robust solution for access control and data insights to see exactly what is happening across any site. This groundbreaking access control solution creates a unique technology ecosystem, offers single sign-on efficiency, and improves operations with a data engine to transform enterprise security.

You know what you need for your business security, now you can choose a solution that fits your security needs and your budget.

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