Brivo Is Monitoring The Reopening Of America

America is 51% reopened as of July 03, 2020

Methodology: “Percentage reopened is calculated as number of daily unique users compared to the pre-Covid daily average in February.”

America has a back to work number thanks to Brivo. As we continue to monitor the state of quarantine like the loosening of stay-home mandates and the reopening of businesses , we can look to a relatively simple number to know how much closer we are to our pre-COVID normal. 

Nearly 20 million people across more than 50,000 locations use Brivo Onair to access offices, schools, apartments, retail businesses, warehouses, government offices, places of worship, and many other types of commercial properties each day. Using this data, we can assess occupancy levels relative to the March peak.

“People want to understand how and when we are going to be back to normal activities, and the best way to do that is to share a simple number,” says Dean Drako, President & CEO, Eagle Eye Networks, Brivo’s sister company. “We all want to know how far we are from a normal America.”

By looking at the average unique daily events pre-pandemic to today, we can calculate the difference as a percent from normal occupancy rates. 

Brivo analyzed anonymous employee commercial building access across the U.S. in 2020. COVID caused a dramatic drop in occupancy rates from March to June. Now we are starting to see the return. While still far from our pre-pandemic levels, we can see how far we’ve come and when we’ll be closer to the new normal. 

Check back weekly to see the progress we make as we head back to work.