[Tool-Kit] Technology Roadmap for Building Security – Getting executive buy-in

The increased safety and efficiency of your facility rests in your ability to successfully convince your leadership team to invest in physical security technology. How to do you go about convincing your leadership that physical security needs technology investment? We’re glad you asked. Start by building a formal framework that addresses the main concerns of your manager, CEO, and other stakeholders.

In most cases investment decisions are budget-driven, so you need to demonstrate how your proposed physical security investment will impact the bottom-line. It is critical to understand how to express both the intangible impacts, including improved security and operations and the tangible or financial payoffs.

Return on investment (ROI) is a powerful tool for a physical security professional competing for limited resources. When making your business case it is crucial to accurately capture the costs and benefits, and present the results in financial terms. Read this actionable toolkit – Advanced Tactics for Getting Physical Security Buy-In – to help you articulate the financial benefits.

This template will help you structure your physical security proposal and build a document to use as a reference throughout the entire project. Use the template for set steps, guidance, and instructions to follow to provide a compelling defense against skeptics and to build a strong business case. The template was designed to help you find the financial benefits to get your security investment approved.