Cybersecurity Buzzwords Explained

Cybersecurity, particularly in the physical security space, is a hot topic. At Brivo, we’re focusing on educating security professionals on the intersection of cybersecurity and physical security. We want to ensure you make cybersecurity a priority to protect yourself and your organization.

Security measures to protect you against malware threats include bot detection, DDoS prevention, encryption, and firmware/software updates. Unsure what these cyber buzzwords mean? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

“Encryption” Explained

You’ve most likely heard the word “encryption,” but do you know what it means in terms of your physical security? Watch this short video to improve your cyber knowledge.

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“Bot Detection” Explained

How do we keep your access data as safe as possible? Watch this short video to learn about “bot detection,” embedded in the Brivo Onair cloud service.

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The Importance of Firmware & Software Updates

What are firmware and software updates, and why are they important? Watch this short video to help mitigate cyber threats and protect your valuable information.

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To learn best practices for integrating cybersecurity and physical security see our recent checklist here.