New Cyber Defenses for Brivo Onair® Security Platform Announced

Brivo Onair has new security measures including bot detection, DDoS prevention, and new encryption

This year, we announced the addition of new cyber security defenses to our Brivo Onair platform to protect customers from certain malware threats. Newly developed cybersecurity components that detect malicious “bots” as well as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have been embedded in our Onair cloud service and associated on-premise controllers. As the rise of IoT has underscored the need for rigorous cyber defenses at the device level, we look to provide our customers customers with ongoing system updates that address the unique needs of commercial security platforms.

“Given the growing prevalence of exploits of IoT devices like controllers and cameras, we believe that frequent cyber defense updates are more important than ever,” says Steve Van Till, President and CEO of Brivo. “As both the cloud application provider and the device manufacturer, we are in a unique position to simultaneously update both pieces and provide coordinated, end-to-end defenses.”  

Bots are a type of malicious software that attempt to take over a computer or microprocessor system. The new bot detection in the controller firmware defends against these malicious agents by detecting the anomalous communications patterns they produce. The new firmware also detects and limits abnormally high transmission rates that are the characteristic signature of DDoS attacks.  After detection, Onair cloud then provides customers with alerts that allow them to begin to take corrective action.

The encryption used in our newest door controllers, the ACS6000 and ACS300, supports the latest standards and longer key lengths: TLS1.2+ with AES256 encryption and a SHA256 certificate with a 4096-bit key. “Brivo has been focused on delivering the best cyber protection available to its customers for years, and these new features continue in that tradition,” says Steve Van Till.  

Brivo maintains a continuous regimen of product vulnerability testing and publication of security updates to address new threats. Brivo Onair:

  • Has been validated with more than a decade of information security audits
  • Has achieved the Cloud Security Alliance STAR designation and Privacy Shield certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce

Brivo’s annual SOC 2 audits are conducted by an independent service auditor.

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