Attracting More Tenants with Cloud Based Security in Washington DC

Attracting More Tenants with Cloud Based Security in Washington DC

Property managers face a number of challenges providing security across their facilities. Without proper security, it can be difficult to entice and retain new tenants. The use of high quality cloud based security can help attract more tenants in Washington DC.

Better security

Property managers are usually responsible for all tenant and building services including the security of the facility, tenant spaces as well as common areas. Cloud based security offers property managers a number of advantages in terms of integrated security, simplicity, policy enforcement, visibility as well as reporting and user experience.

It’s crucial that property management staff and service providers have access privileges to all of the facilities that they are responsible for. Ideally, the access control system should be centrally managed. This makes it possible for personnel to be easily granted access to all facilities, but only to the areas that are appropriate to them. For example, maintenance workers could be granted access only to equipment closets in all facilities.

Control access from anywhere in the world

Managing access privileges for shared facilities can be extremely difficult. When tenants in multi-tenant facilities hire or fire employees, property managers must be informed so that access privileges to common entrances and shared spaces can be kept up-to-date. When tenants terminate their lease, property managers must be able to immediately revoke that tenant’s ability to access a space.

If tenants move, expand or reduce, traditional access control systems must be refigured and sometimes rewired. This creates a considerable amount of work for property managers. Cloud based security makes expansion, reduction and relocation of tenants quick and easy. The cloud preserves valuable data including schedules, credentials and permissions, helping to keep both tenants and property managers safe.

Cloud based security saves time and money

Traditional access control systems take a lot of effort and expense to make them perform as they should. They often leave a lot of room for error. The best way to address all of the challenges faced by property managers is by having an access control system in which all of the access control doors can be managed from a single interface.

Quality cloud based security saves property managers a considerable amount of time and money. This allows them to put more into improvements and marketing efforts, attracting a wider audience of potential tenants.

Brivo’s unique approach allows property managers to quickly and easily allow entry, print badges, open doors, set schedules and see who’s in their building from any location in the world.

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