Brivo Access
Spring 2023 Launch

New improvements to Brivo Access offer advancements to the management experience, user experience and connectivity across Brivo devices and applications.

Brivo Access Custom Fields

Custom Fields

This feature is available in all versions of Brivo Access and allows Administrators with proper permission to create fields of text, numbers or dates to be applied to Credentialled Users. Theis new feature allows Admins to identify, group or otherwise define users according to the needs of the organization. Admins will be able to drag and drop to re-order the list or filter lists by name and type.

Expire Credentials

A new feature for users of Professional and Enterprise editions of Brivo Access. The benefit of this feature is that it allows Admins to quickly and easily remove credentials that have not been used in a specified number of days (5-365 days). Rather than having to manually manage large numbers of credentialled users that have been inactive for long periods, Admins can keep their Credentialled User database up to date automatically. Admins can also expire only the credential while keeping the user in the database. When a user has multiple credentials, inactivity can be evaluated on a per credential basis.
Expire Credentials
Access Commands

Access Commands

This new feature is only available in Professional and Enterprise editions of Brivo Access and allows certain credentialled users to trigger relays with credential swipe(s). This feature operates using a smart card or the Magic Button in Brivo Mobile Pass. Triggering actions are single or double swipe based on how the input is configured, for example, arming/disarming an alarm system. Admins can limit Access Command interactions to specific groups.

Occupancy & Usage in Data Explorer

Designed to simplify the reporting of data to various management stakeholders depending upon their organizational function. Occupancy & Usage dashboards offer a preconfigured snapshot of access events across an organization and can be completely customized graphically, by time and date, and by users and events.
Occupancy and Usage Data Explorer