3 Easy Steps to Add Video to Access Control

Would you drive a car at night without headlights? Most likely not. Driving in the dark without the lights to see what is in front of you would be a risky proposition. The same is true for organizations that manage their facilities with only access control and cannot see those activities through video. 

To help you get started, here are three easy steps for adding video surveillance to your access control solution.

Step 1: Determine your video scope. Every organization is different. You may want to have video associated with major entryways, or you may want a complete visibility solution monitoring every inch of a physical location. Maybe you want to start small and implement video in the most critical areas and slowly add-on as needed as the business grows and requirements change. It is essential to consider your overall video strategy at the outset to find a solution that can grow with you, even if you don’t plan to implement video throughout the facility on day one.

Step 2: Work with legal and compliance teams to identify appropriate video storage requirements. Before you select a video solution, you’ll need to understand your company’s requirements for data retention, as this can impact the overall cost of your video solution. Today with many cloud video solutions, storage costs are much less expensive than traditional on-prem storage solutions and can provide various retention periods and video quality options. Knowing your base requirements upfront will help you compare apples-to-apples when making a purchase decision.

Step 3: Connect your video surveillance streams to your access control solution.  Many times, organizations implement two independent solutions and skip this important step to optimize their security solution. It is essential that when you investigate a video solution that you can connect the video feeds with access control so that you connect the visual of who’s entering your facility with each access event. The combination of video and access control come together to increase your security posture and streamline day-to-day operations exponentially. 

Brivo Access Cam is a simple, easy solution for organizations that want to add video to their access control solution. Brivo Access Cam provides affordable cameras, cloud-based video storage with various storage options and automatically connects video streams with access events within Brivo Access. Because Brivo Access Cam is part of the overall Brivo platform, you get unparalleled video integration within the access solution.  Learn more about Brivo Access Cam.

Organizations can get more out of Brivo Access Cam by leveraging ground-breaking innovations like Brivo Snapshot to simplify operations. 

Brivo Snapshot fuses video and access control with machine learning technology to detect faces from the individual video clips and display the most relevant image of the access event in a visual dashboard. This capability saves customers time from watching full-length video clips and gives them a visual record to scan to verify that the faces of people entering the facility match up to their credential photos.

Brivo is helping you get started with and connect video to Brivo Access with a special offer. Organizations that add Brivo Access Cam can get Brivo Snapshot for free for three months*. With this offer, you get eyes on your facility through video surveillance and the latest video AI technology that simplifies day-to-day operations.

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