What’s Trending in Smart Security?

Today is March first. This month signifies a year since cities, counties, and the US government began to go into lockdown, and organizations implemented work from home. This year, there hasn’t been a single part of our daily lives that have changed in some way, shape, or form. The same goes for organizations too.

Today also represents the release date for our 2021 Brivo Smart Security Trends Report, in which we look at where things are trending as we look ahead at the upcoming year. The report analyzes how COVID has impacted organizations’ security priorities as they adopted new ways of working and plan for the return to work expected later this year.

The report highlights our annual survey findings fielded at the end of 2020 of security and facility managers across the United States. The insights gained from this survey provide perspective on what shifts we see in the access control industry and how these professionals are adapting to security in the COVID era.


Our report also dives deeper into three different trends that security and facility managers are putting into action to modernize and streamline security operations for their facilities and portfolios. These trends include focusing on security technology integrations to streamline processes; rapid adoption of cloud technology to take advantage of cost savings and operational efficiencies; and utilizing data analytics to prioritize security risks, especially as security operations are more remote.

A key takeaway from this report is that while COVID has dramatically changed physical security priorities. Seventy-two percent of respondents said their priorities have changed. However, even though priorities have changed, budget and executive buy-in remain top barriers in adopting new physical security technology. The report includes links to resources such as a new toolkit to assign in building a business case to support technology adoption in 2021 to address and fund the changing priorities these professionals face.

Read more about the report to gain insights into what security and facility manager peers are focusing on in 2021.



  1. COVID changes, physical security priorities
  2. Technology integrations continue to be a primary focus
  3. Cloud adoption accelerates security modernization
  4. Data analytics help navigate the next era of access control
Brivo Smart Security Trends Report 2021

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