What Can Enterprises Learn about Access Control Data from Astronomy

Trying to holistically view hundreds or thousands of access points across a global enterprise footprint is like trying to find order in the night sky. Cultures around the world and over thousands of years created meaning out of the firmament by connecting stars in constellations. 

Civilizations including the Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, and Roman tried to make sense of the billions of bits of information above their heads by assembling them into beings or objects and creating stories around them. The different cultures created different pictures and different stories using the same stars.

And they were only seeing a fraction of the stars in the sky.

Like astronomers and stargazers from the past, today’s security professionals and property managers seek to find meaning in billions of bits of data that confront them during the workday. In this sense, a security operations center resembles the night sky. Alarms, sensor data, and social media feeds might equate to eclipses, asteroids, and meteor showers. Unlike celestial objects, however, data must be generated to be identified and understood.

Unfortunately, today’s prevailing method for managing security across an entire corporate footprint is like aggregating and assembling countless telescopic views of the sky. Relying on antiquated, disconnected, and on-premise solutions to assemble a holistic security picture is no better than cobbling together a picture of the sky using images from children’s telescopes stationed around the world. You may capture real-time events from a specific location or facility, but you won’t achieve an integrated monitoring capability.

Having a single, holistic global view of corporate facilities with real-time data allows organizations to manage at scale while minimizing the manual effort necessary to correlate and connect the data points—the modern version of identifying celestial constellations– to identify a threat. A single view also helps simplify centralized access management for organizations with distributed sites

Today, Brivo is bringing together the various views across the corporate footprint, like the Hubble Telescope in space, into a single view for enterprise organizations to more easily manage their facilities. This capability, Global View, gives any user a simplified map view of each location along with facility access control vital signs to easily scan and react to any situation–from a disconnected reader to a suspicious failed access attempt. Global View is a core capability for any organization managing many facilities.

It took centuries for astronomers to understand the complexity of what they were seeing, and that the simple constellations their forebears had created belied the vast depths of the universe. While we are still largely ignorant of what lies in deep space, we have made enormous advances in understanding via telescopes in space, satellites, landers, and deep-space probes. 

Likewise, we are just at the beginning of harvesting big data for security, facilities management, and other business operations. And while that data may be more pedestrian than feeds from Mars, it goes a long way towards delivering real-time insights on a global level to keep employees, contractors, tenants, residents, and guests safe and helping an organization function efficiently.

Read the solution brief to learn more about Brivo Access with Global View.