Bring Your Properties
Into the New Age Of
Smart Home Technology

Itinerary Part 1

Make it easy for guests to get into the home,
and make it easy to turn-over for the next rental

Front Door Keyless Entry

If you checked into a hotel and they handed you an old-fashioned key, you’d be shocked. Why should your rental property be any different? Physical keys are a danger because they can be easily lost which means you have to pay to rekey the property. Those keys also require inconvenient hand-offs where the guest has to pick them up at your office or you need to meet and deliver them.

The keyless entry of their dreams
Upgrade all locks to be digital and provide guests with a code via email or text to access the rental unit. They can use this punch-in code for the duration of their stay and they never have to worry about a physical key or other credential.


Garage Door Mobile Entry

It’s just as inconvenient to manage, drop-off and collect garage door openers as it is old-fashioned keys. And they can be even more costly to replace. The other option is forcing your guests to get out of their car, enter a code by the garage door, and then get back in their car to enter the garage. If they are in a hurry or the weather is bad, then this detracts from their vacation experience.

Mobile access they will thank you for
Allow guests to use their mobile phone to send a pin code that opens and closes the door. This also gives you the efficiency to control garage doors remotely by phone or computer so no one has to go to the property to visibly check it.


Access For Cleaners and Maintenance Staff

A big project for vacation rentals is easily turning over the property to the next renters. You need cleaners and maintenance workers to service the property, but it’s less safe to give multiple keys to multiple service workers. It’s also inefficient to coordinate key pick-up and drop-off between your teams. They don’t want that responsibility and you don’t need that hassle.

A better way to get the job done
Issue unique key codes to cleaning crews so they can easily and safely access the property. This creates a faster turnover and better coordination. In addition, you will have a log of who entered the property so you can improve security.

Itinerary Part 2

Prevent property damage and keep it safe
and secure

Energy Efficiency

Wasted energy and high utility bills are costly to the homeowner. Energy management is critical to the bottom line of any vacation rental property. A guest can easily forget to turn off heating, air conditioning or the lights when they leave the property, so you need the ability to control thermostats and lighting remotely.

Save money you might be wasting
Eliminate the unnecessary heating and cooling of vacant properties and remotely manage energy consumption for all properties. The days of unnecessarily high utility bills are over when you have home automation technology.

Flood and Freeze Detection

Property damage caused by freezing or flooding is expensive. If a disaster strikes, property availability and revenues decrease, while damage repairs and insurance rates increase. Cleanup costs, insurance dealings and the time expense of managing these different efforts is extensive.

Avoid disasters before it’s too late
A few minutes can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Smart home technology monitors your properties 24/7 and sends an alert if freeze or flood conditions exist. Early detection often means you can avoid losses completely.

Itinerary Part 3

Enjoy the benefits that smart home technology
offers for you

While the seamless experience benefits are clear for the guest and the property value might be apparent for the homeowner, what’s in it for you?

The daily management of the property, keeping that property secure, getting it rented on a consistent
basis and guest reviews all fall on your plate. For you, it’s about efficiency. With one centralized
platform you can:

  • Manage all properties from one dashboard
  • See status views that allow you to filter, sort and drill down to a specific unit
  • Review daily access log reports
  • Track staff entry/exit on properties
  • Control doors, thermostats and sensors across properties

This means you can easily manage everything and even add properties to grow your business with
the extra time you have and the reputation you build by delivering on management goals:

Average Cost Savings Over One Year

Per property savings

Manager with 50 units









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